Pigro Felice

The Pigro Felice Story

Everything you need to enjoy summers in--and around--the pool. That was what Julian Lagier had in mind when he founded Pigro Felice. “Pigro Felice was created to embody luxurious pool and patio living,” explains Lagier. “We aim to reflect a philosophy centered around the aqua-chic lifestyle, where summers should be lazy and happy.” The Pigro Felice line includes apparel, accessories and the revolutionary Modul'Air inflatable furniture collection, which allows you to have just the lounging configuration you need both next to the pool and in it.

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Why We Love Pigro Felice Products

What's not to love? Pigro Felice inflatable furniture is the best kind of multi-tasker. It is a stylish and comfortable additon to the patio as well as on the water; with a flip of its base module, Pigro Felice furniture goes from comfy poolside lounge furniture to floating pool lounges. It is made using specialty PVC plastic that is tough yet soft to the touch, like fabric.

In case that's not enough, the various modular pieces are easily connected with special straps; so you can have anything from a single puffy square to a veritable island of airy relaxation. The colors are fun (and fun to mix and match). And each Pigro Felice module has magnets that can hold magnetic glasses, which are available to keep drinks nearby and just as stably afloat as you are. For inflatable pool furniture, Pigro Felice designs are the go-to choice.

Noteworthy Products from Pigro Felice

The Modul'Air furniture collection is what Pigro Felice is best known for. But when you need a friend to hang out with near the pool, we think the Inflatable Black Seal is just the right guy for the job.

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Pigro Felice