The PENTA Light Story

Penta was established in Italy in 1975 as a furnishing company with the goal of producing and selling decorative household complements. Soon thereafter, they narrowed their focus to lighting in order to create intriguing and recognizable fixtures that could compete in an already inundated world market.

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In the decades that followed, the brand has garnered international acclaim, introducing new collections with an uncanny balance of quality, elegance, and functionality. And, by collaborating with an ever-growing pool of master artisans and technicians, they continue to research and propose innovative products that not only reflect their creative soul, but also stand the test of time.

Why We Love PENTA Light Lighting

Care and attention to detail are at the forefront of the design process with Penta products. Only high-quality materials are put to use, such as handblown glass and thermoplastic. Every product is made with a clean, minimalist aesthetic to help complement the typical modern home, while standard shapes and dimensions are molded into entirely unique structures to subvert common design tropes. The versatility of their collections cannot be understated, offering elegant, yet functional lighting for hotels, restaurants, ships, and other public locations in addition to residential settings.

A Fun Fact About PENTA Light

Penta has a wide range of designers and design groups under their belt, including stand-out Carlo Colombo. Colombo graduated in 1993 in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan, and almost immediately started work designing and consulting for various industries. In 1996, he became Assistant Professor of Furniture at his alma mater, giving lectures on industrial packaging in countries such as Greece, Slovenia, Australia, and China. In 2007, he began work at Penta, testing the boundaries of shape and dimension with his Angelina and Bag Collections.

Noteworthy Products from PENTA Light

A myriad of fascinating fixtures rest under Penta’s belt. The MAMI' Floor to Ceiling Lamp is an eye-catching answer to lighting needs, offering a scenic effect with its powerful geometric form and warm ambient lighting. The Narciso Rechargeable Table Lamp boasts intricately rounded corners and edges similar to that of a precious gemstone or translucent carafe. Once in use, the piece produces a layered effect, emanating through the borosilicate glass for a soft wash of ambient light.

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