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Outdoor Sofas

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  • Nisswa Outdoor Sofa


    $2,46075 $2,895.00
  • 12 Product Options
  • Bubble Club Sofa
  • 15 Product Options
  • Breeze 2 Seater Outdoor Sofa
  • Stone Sofa
  • Stone RGB LED Sofa
  • Moments Corner Modular Sofa
  • Mascon Outdoor Sofa


    $1,69500 - $2,19500
  • Nest Outdoor Sofa
    2 Size Options
  • GO Porch Swing


    $1,01575 $1,195.00
  • Sixties Bench
  • Roly Poly Sofa
  • Swell Collection Three Seat Sofa
    Fabric Color


    $4,11230 $4,838.00
  • Vela 4 Reclining Square Daybed with folding sunroof
    $9,11000 - $10,27000
  • Tokyo Pop Sofa
  • Faz Sofa Armless Section
  • Soho Outdoor Sofa

Learn More About Outdoor Sofas

Why We Love Outdoor Sofas

One of the most beautifully decorated gathering places in your home is nature's work of art, the outdoors. There's an abundance of light, beautiful color, and natural beauty just waiting for you to add places to sit, relax, and enjoy both the ambiance and the company. Outdoor sofas bring the comfort and style of your home to your deck, rooftop, pool or beachfront patio. They can be part of a carefully crafted outdoor space with tables, lighting, entertainment systems, and even rugs, or they can stand alone as a convenient place to rest and read or chat.

Where Outdoor Sofas & Sectionals Work Best

Picture a beautiful oceanfront space with an infinity pool and a fire pit. Now, where are the people enjoying the evening here going to relax and converse? How about a contemporary outdoor sectional in a light neutral gray which reflects the setting sun's colors? It will serve as outdoor dining furniture and gather everyone casually around a table where they can share hors d'oeuvres or baskets of light supper and delicious natural drinks. Patio sofasand lounge sofas provide a slightly more formal seating arrangement, suitable for couples and families with table space placed to the sides and in front, outdoor lighting for reading, or a dim evening glow located to the sides or behind.

Outdoor Sofa Ideas for Every Style

If you extend your indoor decor to the outside, you can select a designer whose ideas mesh with your interior. On the other hand, there are so many unique ways to express outdoor sofa concepts that you may want to start fresh with organic designs like Vondom's simple, recyclable resin Stone Outdoor Sofa, maybe by your outdoor fireplace for year-round use. The Fermob Croisette and Blu Dot's Skiff are unobtrusive and stylish nooks of comfort in your outdoor space. Both Skargaarden's teak and fabric modern outdoor sofa and Seasonal Living's Explorer acacia wood outdoor lounge seating are perfect for outdoor mingling as patio furniture combined with outdoor lounge chairs, on porches and around outdoor area rugs on your deck.

How to Choose the Best Modern Outdoor Sofa

Ask yourself whether you want to decorate outdoors with a theme or use an outdoor sofa like a decorative item in its own right. This will help you select the designers that best meet your needs. Then there are practical aspects such as fabric, wood or resin materials. Is the unit going to be exposed to harsh weather like cold winters or sea storms? Pick a modern outdoor sectional which will always look nice and feel comfortable, even if it requires just a bit of regular care. Teak and other woods are long-lasting — look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) mark for responsible sourcing.

Other Considerations

Think about who will be sitting on your outdoor sofa: for older generations, you'll want a more formal sofa with a fair amount of support and some cushioning, while younger folks will appreciate the funky styles and will feel comfortable on resin-based forms. Most visitors will feel at home in a sectional, with some people crashing in the corner and others sitting properly on end pieces. Don't forget to accessorize with end tables or coffee tables too.

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