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Outdoor Dining Stools

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94 Results
  • Masters Stool
    2 Size Options
  • One More Please Bar Stool, Set of 2
    2 Size Options
    $1,04000 - $1,09000
  • C603 Outdoor Stool
    Seat Color
    $75900 - $79900
  • Ufo Bar Stool
    $37600 $470.00
    20% Savings Today
  • Luxembourg High Stool Set of 2
  • Inoui Outdoor Lighting Stool


  • Clean Cut Swivel Stool


    $47500 - $52500
  • Broom Stool
  • Palm 3-Piece Bar Height Outdoor Dining Set


  • Wall Street Bar Stool - Set of 2
    $38400 $480.00
    20% Savings Today
  • Toni Barfly Outdoor Counter Stool
  • Charles Ghost Stool Set of 2
    3 Size Options
    $49000 - $85000
  • One More Bar Stool, Set of 2
    2 Size Options
  • A.I. Stool


  • Bayo Stool
    $24225 - $25500
  • Stecca Corto Stool
  • Faceted Stool
  • Smatrik Outdoor Stool
  • Spritz Outdoor Bar Table and Stool Set
    2 Size Options
    $49200 - $49600 $615.00 - $620.00
    20% Savings Today
  • Puerto Stool
    $50000 - $52000
  • Lucy Counter Stool
    $52000 - $61000
  • Hot Mesh Barstool
  • Lucy Barstool
    $54000 - $62000
  • Skin Stackable Stool

Why We Love Outdoor Dining Stools

Outdoor dining stools give you the chance to break free from standard dining tables for your patio or backyard. Your yard should feel fun and casual, providing a great space for you and your friends to hang out. Outdoor bar stools are laid-back and give off a festive vibe that will encourage mingling and conversation when you have friends over to visit. With outdoor counter stools, you and your guests will feel as if you have gone out to a bar — but without the cost of expensive cocktails. Think about all of the different ways you can use outdoor stools in your yard.

Where Patio Bar Stools Work Best

To complete your outdoor space, it's great to have a casual dining area. Bar-height tables have become quite popular in recent years, thanks to their casual vibe, and outdoor dining stools are the perfect choice for providing seating around this type of table. You could also build a dedicated bar area in your backyard, using outdoor bar stools for seating. If you have an enclosed balcony or patio, tall outdoor dining furniture can give you the height you need to see over the wall or fence. Some outdoor bar stools can work just as well inside your home as outside, but make sure to look for a style that's a bit more sophisticated for interior use.

Outdoor Dining Stool Ideas for Every Style

There are so many furniture designers in the outdoor dining stools category, so take your time perusing your options, as each has a distinct style. For example, Kartell's creations are whimsical and fun, and Bend Goods makes great use of color and the light passing through its outdoor bar stools. Modloft makes outdoor counter stools that are sleek and elegant, making them suitable for indoor use as well. Vondom's designs are sculptural and geometric, while the Blu Dot brand creates stools that echo mid-century modern style. Think about the overall vibe you're going for in your outdoor space to select the appropriate style for your deck and patio furniture.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Dining Stools

When picking outdoor dining stools, you'll need to consider the height of the seats. While many outdoor counter stools are tall, you can also find shorter varieties that work with standard outdoor dining tables. Your personal taste and preferences will inform you as to which style makes the most sense for your yard. Match your outdoor bar stools to your dining table to keep the look as cohesive as possible, or mix and match various styles to create a relaxed, eclectic look.

Other Considerations

Your backyard is about more than just outdoor dining stools and tables. Aside from your outdoor bar stools, you'll also want to include additional seating for you and your loved ones, like outdoor benches, sofas and lounge chairs. Gather them in small groups to encourage intimate conversations. You can use interesting outdoor counter stools as the focal point of your outdoor space, or stick with a simple design to let your other furnishings shine.

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