Oty Light

The OTY Light Story

Two brothers, Andrea and Simone, studied together at college and discovered a mutual dream (Oty) in the 1960s "between a mathematics book and a civil code." Backed by their father, Pamio, the brothers took the idea and formed the company in Italy.

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Why We Love OTY Light

Oty Light follows the Murano glassblowing tradition, veering off in another direction when it comes to form. Their contemporary lighting designs take simple shapes, familiar and understated yet fascinating nonetheless. The pieces are a beautiful blend of handmade glass and strong metal. The solid nature of this European lighting line gives Oty Light a personality all its own.

Fun Facts About OTY Light

Not tied down to land, Oty Light recently did the lighting for a luxury 85-foot yacht. Oty is currently represented by Illuminating Experiences, which also distributes Le Klint, De Majo, Nemo and more.

Noteworthy Lighting by OTY

Make a stunning statement in the kitchen, living room or entryway with the Club C03 Pendant. This handmade design is comprised of recycled plastic into a flared shared that encases the light source inside. It is available in black, white, gray, mustard or belge to accommodate a wide variety of color schemes. And look to the Ita Wall Sconce for a contemporary wall light that has the ability to find its home almost anywhere in yours.

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Oty Light