The Objekto Story

Founded in 2004 by Benoît Halbronn and Guillaume Leman, Objekto is a leading manufacturer of iconic Brazilian lighting and furniture in Aix-en-Provence, France. Now surpassing a decade of production, Objekto has acquired an impressive collection of modern products from world-renowned Brazilian designers.

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In handling exclusive and original designs with high intrinsic value, Objekto takes great care in upholding the artistic integrity and intellectual property of each designer. In addition securing each design by copyrights and patents, Objekto reproduces each piece the way each respective designer originally intended, maintaining authenticity.

Why We Love Objekto Lighting

Objekto carries lighting and furniture designs that mark historical breakthroughs in the world of modern design. The expertly curated collection ranges from the 1950s to the 1990s, visually representing a narrative of Brazilian Modernism where the products—each with a unique story and purpose—are unified by a strong sense of functionalism and accessibility.

Fun Facts about Objekto

Many of Objekto’s famous Brazilian designers and their works are featured permanent collections around the world. Paulo Mendes da Rocha (an architect and furniture designer) not only has pieces in the Museum of Modern Art, New York, he was awarded the Pritzker Prize of Architecture in 2006 for his entire body of work. Objekto lamps are made available in the US through Ameico, which also offers lighting from Original BTC and Foldability.

New and Noteworthy from Objekto

The Objekto Eclipse Table Lamp was designed in 1991 by Mauricio Klabin as a way for lofty fine art to meet functional and accessible design for the masses. Composed of a single strip of white plastic that spirals around itself, the movable shade invites the onlooker to change the structure right before their eyes. The diffuser glows with comforting light and is supported by an equally intelligible black steel frame.

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