The nuLOOM Story

nuLOOM was founded in 2007 by Koorosh Yaraghi with the goal of producing high-quality area rugs for an affordable price. To do so, Yaraghi traveled around the globe, collecting vintage tiles from Europe and the Middle East while drawing inspiration from vivid textiles and striking architecture.

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This arduous undertaking resulted in an innovative mix of traditional and contemporary rug styles, which has since propelled this New York-based brand to a worldwide audience. Currently, Yaraghi and his team blend design concepts derived from a variety modern art forms to create rugs that not only are comfortable but also have a unique personality.

Why We Love nuLOOM Rugs

The design themes of nuLOOM floor-coverings focus on innovative color groupings and striking patterns. Even with traditional-style rugs, their designs offer a unique display of color with an unmistakable flair that can be dramatic or soothing depending on the designer’s creative vision. This brand’s product line offers a vast range of original designs for a personalized interior or exterior style. The best part is, unlike many other quality floor-covering brands, their products are affordably priced – opening the door for everyone to own at least one of these comfortable, incredibly inspired works of art.

A Fun Fact About nuLOOM

The name says it all. nuLOOM strives to perfectly fuse old-world tradition with contemporary ideas. The loom, the device on which treads are woven to create a fabric, has been used for a millennia – possibly first in China to weave silk. Later, in the 18th century, French weavers created the first mechanized loom - revolutionizing the textile industry. Since then, loom makers have added an increasing level of automation. The name nuLOOM alludes to this long history while reminding customers of the contemporary vibe conveyed by its products.

Noteworthy Products from nuLOOM

The Nuloom Boyce Area Rug features a tranquil color pallet that is an homage to plant life. The cream colored background is accented with an organic pattern of leaves. It can also be interpreted as an abstract repeated pattern, or perhaps a twisted rope. Either way, the neutral color scheme and dynamic design are a perfect representation of the nuLOOM’s inspirational vibe. The Reva Abstract Rug is another showstopper, featuring a pleasing array of colors that reads like modern art widely popularized in the 20th century. The mixture of bright and neutral colors blend together effortlessly, and the wide range of tones will complement a range of interior decor styles with an artistic aesthetic.

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