Molto Luce

The Molto Luce Story

Meaning “very light” in Italian, Molto Luce was established in 1981 by lighting entrepreneur, Fritz Eiber. From his interest in lighting and architecture, he directed his company’s focus on the functionality and design of each product, taking into account a holistic view of living and working spaces. Since then, Molto Luce has garnered international acclaim, producing high-concept luminaires that reflect the full capability of the lighting itself.

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Why We Love Molto Luce Lighting

Molto Luce offers a variety of decorative and functional lighting that incorporates reliable, energy-efficient LED light sources. As an active member of Ledra Brands, they are also committed to researching solid state technology for additional breakthroughs in performance and efficiency.

Fun Facts About Molto Luce

The sculptural lighting series “Lash” was awarded “Special Mention” regarding the internationally acclaimed German Design Award in 2016, celebrating its unique design concept, convenient modularity, and alluring organic aesthetic.

Noteworthy Products from Molto Luce

The Soft Collection features a variety of products made of fibre cement that maintain a free-flowing, natural aesthetic. The Soft Pendant offers you full view of its unique shape as it hangs overhead, while the Soft Wall Sconce gives you a slightly more reserved display as it sits up against the wall. Both one-of-a-kind designs allow for dynamic shadow casting, adding a stunning visual depth.

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Molto Luce