Missoni Home

The Missoni Home Story

Ottavio and Rosita Missoni first met at the Olympics in 1948 (Ottavio was competing and making track suits for the Italian Olympic team at the time). The two eventually married in 1953 and started up a small knitwear workshop in a basement in Milan. When editor Diana Vreeland mentioned Missoni in a Vogue article in the 1970s, Missoni pretty much exploded into the fashion world and soon branched out into menswear, perfumes and home furnishings. The company is mostly run by Missoni's children while Rosita oversees home wear.

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Why We Love Missoni Home

Missoni Home is immediately recognizable. Their tell-tale zigzag patterns and bright (though somehow still muted) colors instantly energize a room. The quality is exceptional, the design undeniably unique. Missoni Home's furnishings (like rugs, contemporary bedding, towels and robes -- yes, robes!) offer strong Italian fashion sense to the bedroom and bathroom, and their contemporary rugs, pillows and throws are great for adding a pop of color to the living room as well.

Fun Facts About Missoni Home

Missoni has recently entered the hospitality arena with their own Missoni Hotels entirely decorated with chic patterns and contemporary furniture.

Noteworthy Products from Missoni Home

Missoni's bedding collection includes sheets, pillows and duvet covers that can find their home on almost any bed. You'll love the amount of style these bedding sets add to the bedroom, while also appreciating just how comfortable they can be. In the bathroom, the Seth Bath Mat provides plush comfort for your bare floors or look to the Liuwa Velours Rug for a pattern that pops off the floor.

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Missoni Home