The MindLED Story

Launched in 2012 by Axo Light, MindLED is a line of LED fixtures created to elevate the technical lighting field with decorative value. The name of the brand alludes the power of the human mind in the realms of science and philosophy, celebrating the advancements in LED technology with this specific range of products.

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MindLED intends to prove that architectural lighting solutions can be as intrinsically beautiful as decorative designs by “thinking differently”. The underlying expertise in technical function stays the same while the look of the fixtures are approached with more artistic sensibilities.

Why We Love MindLED Lighting

The MindLED line is ultimately a study of how light can be the main design element in a fixture. The physical form of each product is deliberately crafted to divert and display the powerful LED light in architecturally interesting ways. Along with Lightecture (Axo Light’s product line for the contract market) MindLED is another avenue in which technical lighting solutions can be embedded with expressive and dramatic aesthetics.

Fun Facts About MindLED

By 2013, the high quality LED technology that MindLED incorporates into its product designs was already gaining recognition. That year, the Rhythmos collection was a finalist in the Best of Year Awards for Interior Design Magazine.

Noteworthy Products from MindLED

The MindLED Adamas 4 Outdoor LED Wall Sconce is a prime example of light carving architectural lines against the backdrop of an interior or exterior space. Although diamond-like in appearance, the exterior shell is given a dark matte finish more akin to a piece of granite, contrasting with the varied rays of light on the sides. Choice of beam spread can alter the look and intensity of light the fixture emits, tracing bright lines of efficient illumination around the fixture.

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