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Mid-Century Modern Dressers

43 Results
  • Talitha Armoire
  • Delphine Six-Drawer Dresser
  • Nelson Thin Edge Double Dresser
    Pull Finish
    $5,77575 - $13,98250 $6,795.00 - $16,450.00
    15% Savings Today
  • Channing Tall Chest of Drawers
  • Astrid 6 Drawer Dresser
    $4,23200 - $5,40200
  • Sienna 6 Drawer Dresser
  • Moduluxe 10 Drawer Dresser
    $6,35800 - $8,22800
  • Sloane 5 Drawer Dresser - Narrow
  • Sloane 4 Drawer Dresser
  • Catalina Dresser - 3 Drawers and 2 Doors
    $3,90200 - $5,37000
  • Sloane 8 Drawer Dresser
  • Moduluxe 35-Inch 4 Drawer Dresser
    $2,88200 - $3,74700
  • Moduluxe 35-Inch 8 Drawer Dresser
    $4,91200 - $6,50900
  • Moduluxe Five-Drawer, Two-Door Dresser, 35-Inch High
    $5,01500 - $6,54000
  • Sloane 6 Drawer Dresser
  • Moduluxe 5 Drawer Dresser - Wide
    $3,68600 - $4,76400
  • Astrid 2 Drawer Dresser
    $1,72700 - $2,30100
  • Nelson 6-Drawer Miniature Chest
    Case Finish
    N/A - $3,35500
    15% Savings Today
  • Catalina 3 Drawer Dresser
    $2,36000 - $3,19100
  • Catalina 5 Drawer Dresser
    $3,15200 - $4,27500
  • Nova Chest


    $1,38800 $1,735.00
    20% Savings Only at Lumens
  • Moduluxe 29-Inch 3 Drawer Dresser
    $2,57000 - $3,27800
  • Moduluxe 5 Drawer Dresser
    $2,93900 - $4,24500
  • Moduluxe Four-Door Dresser, 29-Inch High
    $3,87400 - $5,17100

Why We Love Mid-Century Modern Dressers

Combining the pull of things past with the intrigue of the modern era, Mid-century modern dressers are the transitional piece that you didn’t know your bedroom needed. With simple yet elegant shapes, graceful sloping lines, and streamlined compositions, they are the perfect piece to set the tone for your bedroom. But, the bedroom isn’t the only place for dressers. Use them as a tv stand with storage drawers or position them in an entryway for an unexpected effect. Oftentimes combining contrasting hues of the same finish and always with the juxtaposition of past and present, the dressers in this collection are a true testament to how these designers effortlessly blended seemingly opposing ideals.

Favorite Mid-Century Modern Dresser Colors & Materials

When you think of mid-century modern decor, images of natural wood grains with clean lines and graceful curves likely come to mind. But in reality, this style is much more broad than those parameters. For example, take on a more relaxed, shabby chic quality while still retaining the effortless refinement that vintage Mid-century modern dressers are known for. And, for all the cool antique appeal of a white-colored piece, the change things up in a totally different way. This rich dark hue lends itself well to contemporary spaces where the cool tone and inherent depth make any dresser stand out. But, even those in more traditional wood finishes, like walnut, have something unique to display. Look for metal accents, mixed wood tones, or unusual setups to find a Mid-century modern dresser that sets itself apart in a more subtle manner.

Decor that Works Well with Vintage Mid-Century Modern Dressers

Because Mid-century modern decor pulls from such opposing design styles, a Mid-century modern dresser will pair well with most any decor style. However, when you have a style that is so effortless and timeless, you’ll likely want to mimic the same feel in your other furniture. For this, we recommend and . As the focal point of the space, the bed is an important fixture for establishing the tone of the room so if you’re going to go with an overarching Mid-century modern theme, a bed that represents this style is a must. And, when paired with matching nightstands and a vintage Mid-century modern dresser, you’ll have a bedroom that feels calming and serene but stylish.

How to Choose the Best Mid-Century Modern Dressers

As with any type of furniture, size is an extremely important factor when choosing a Mid-century modern dresser. But, all you need to do to ensure this is accounted for is measure your space and determine an ideal size range. For smaller rooms, we suggest opting for a tall piece rather than the more traditional long style. Something equally important to consider is the dresser’s storage capacity. Most dressers feature a similar drawer configuration but there are options to choose from if you want something different. For example, many pieces feature a couple of smaller drawers to store personal items like socks and then a few more standard clothing drawer sizes for shirts and pants. Think about the item you want to store, measure, and you’ll find the perfect piece for you.

Other Mid-Century Modern Dressers Considerations

Mid-century modern design is becoming more and more popular, but with such a wide variety within this design subset, it still allows for plenty of unique personal style expressions. Don’t forget to mix and match these pieces with other design styles to create a look that not only serves your needs but also exemplifies your style.

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