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Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs

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152 Results
  • Panton Chair (1999)
  • CH24 Wishbone Chair
    $79000 - $1,68000
  • Tulip Armless Chair with Seat Cushion
    Base Finish
    $2,06900 - $2,79000
  • Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair - Wire Base
    $39500 - $47500
  • Chip Dining Chair
  • Tulip Armless Chair, Fully Upholstered
    $3,60500 - $4,16000
  • Ramon Chair Set of 2
  • Flat Bar Brno Chair
    $3,50100 - $6,70500
  • Audrey Soft Chair (Set of 2)
    $1,75000 - $2,25000
  • Tulip Armchair, Fully Upholstered
    $4,14900 - $5,01200
  • Sixties Armchair
  • Decade Dining Chair
  • SmartWood Armchair
    $1,07000 - $1,57000
  • Lecture Chair
  • Principal Chair
  • Signal Dining Chair
  • Cardinal Dining Chair
  • Originals Butterfly Chair
  • Fan Dining Chair
  • Lara Chair
  • Flow Chair
  • Originals All-Purpose Chair
  • Reprise Chair with Leather Seat
  • Church Chair

Why We Love Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs

Your dining area is a space for family meals and gatherings with friends, so you need to combine comfort and style. Mid-century modern dining chairs come in a variety of styles and offer versatility to suit any need. Many of these chairs have a contemporary appeal, while some are a bit more classic. Whether you have an open concept living space that requires cohesive decor from the dining area through the living space or a more traditional layout with each room as its own entity, mid-century modern dining room furniture provides a stylish look.

Why Choose Mid-Century Modern Chairs for Your Dining Room

One benefit of using mid-century modern dining room chairs is that you can adjust the surrounding decor in a way that suits your personal style. These pieces can be dressed down for a minimalist look or they can be dressed up for an elegant touch. You can find the perfect chairs to complete the dining room set with your mid-century modern table as they're available in a vast array of designs and colors.

Mid-Century Modern Chair Ideas for Every Style

As you check out various mid-century modern chair options, some designers really stand out. Emeco designs have a mixture of modern and classic elements that come together in a beautiful way. Carl Hansen is a customer favorite that offers unique chair designs that are highly functional, are completely stylish and bring together unexpected elements. Gus Modern is highly regarded for its Thompson chair design, which has been transformed into a focal point for the most stylish dining spaces. Modloft is an award-winning brand that brings the iconic bucket seat design back into fashion by making adjustments to ensure comfort and style.

How to Choose the Best Mid-Century Chairs

Deciding what mid-century modern dining chairs you're going to place in your home takes some thought. One of the primary decisions you have is whether you want upholstery or not. For some, such as young parents, this comes down to a question of functionality. After all, cleaning fabric upholstery after a toddler eats dinner might not be a good idea. Some chairs offer leather instead of fabric, which enables you to still have the upholstered look without worrying about the upkeep. Other options feature high-quality polypropylene and wood to provide optimal functionality that's still ultra-stylish. Other things to consider when choosing your chairs include the type of base you want, the design of the seat, and the finish. The room's overall decor is important, but many of these mid-century dining chairs are suitable for elegant, minimalist or down-home design schemes.

Other Considerations

The dining room chairs you choose are only one style component of the room. Customizing the overall look requires you to look at the dining room table and other furniture that you have in the room. Adding mid-century lighting and other similar elements can bring your vision to life. Once you have the furniture and lighting set, you can start to add smaller elements. Placemats, centerpieces, place settings, and silverware are all important design components that can personalize the room.

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