In 2007, after years of creating and distributing teak outdoor furniture in Indonesia, Vincent Cantaert recognized a growing niche: outdoor furniture that was warm and natural, but still had a contemporary edge. MAMAGREEN was borne out of that realization, specializing in contemporary eco-chic outdoor furniture made using recycled teak and sustainably grown plantation teak. While teak remains MAMAGREEN's signature, the company has expanded into other innovative, earth-friendly materials--recycled metal, synthetic wicker, Batyline fabric--for their growing range of modern, award-winning outdoor furniture designs.

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Why We Love MAMAGREEN Furniture

MAMAGREEN is more than just a name; it's a promise. It was purposefully coined to evoke thoughts of Mother Earth and to point out the company's all-encompassing dedication to the Earth and its people. In addition to its strict use of recycled and recyclable materials, MAMAGREEN manufactures each of their pieces to order using eco-friendly techniques and with an absolute minimum of waste. The final result is just beautiful furniture that is both good for the Earth and makes it a comfortable--and stylish--place in which to relax.

A Fun Fact About MAMAGREEN

Recycled teak in Indonesia is a lot like reclaimed barnwood in the U.S. Teak has been used for centuries in the construction of everything from boats to buildings. Over time, such structures fall out of use and are abandoned. They are dismantled, and the original teak used to make them is processed and refinished, effectively giving the teak a useful--and beautiful--second life.

Noteworthy Products by MAMAGREEN

The OKO collection shows off both the natural and soft sides of MAMAGREEN. All OKO pieces pair recycled teak with minimalist stainless steel frames. Then some of them take those austere forms and and use them as contemporary bases for luxurious--and customizable--upholstered lounge sets.

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