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The Magisso Story

In 2008, Magisso was founded in Helsinki, Finland, with a clear find and then solve those pesky problems of daily living. Their first product--the Magnetic Dish Cloth Holder--was a clear indication of just how they planned to solve such problems: come up with designs that are simple yet smart. It has proven a winning formula, with a majority of Magisso kitchen and household accessories already earning numerous design awards for their unique forms and functionality.

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Why We Love Magisso

The ongoing Magisso motto is "Home Smart Home." Such a home is the place that Magisso wishes its products to inhabit and, better yet, to help create. They aim to do both by creating products that are entertaining to use and make life's tasks easier. They achieve this with a product design focus based on the Scandinavian design heritage of superior functionality and, more specifically, Finnish minimalism. That's how Magisso designs manage to be fun and decorative, yet without any superfluous details.

A Fun Fact About Magisso

What's in a name? With Magisso, at least a couple things. According to Magisso COO Sue Pregartner, "Magisso is a made up name. It was created by our founders and is intended to mean 'magic' and be Italian-sounding. Italians create great design. Like the Finns." Another take, from Magisso's current head of ops in Finland: "Magisso also refers to our first product: the magnetic kitchen cloth holder. So magnetic, magic = magisso. And it is easy to pronounce."

Noteworthy Products by Magisso

So simple, yet so brilliant. The Cake Server, designed by Maria Kivijarvi, is a loop of polished stainless steel that cuts and serves cake cleanly--and upright--every time. Simply push down to cut, squeeze gently to lift and move, and then release to set the perfect slice of cake on your plate.

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