The Lutron Story

The foundations of Lutron were laid in 1959 by Joel Spira, a physicist who created a makeshift lab in the guest room of his and his wife's apartment in Brooklyn. From these small quarters, Spira came up with the rotary dimmer that made it much easier to install dimmers in residential areas (they had previously only been used in movie theaters).

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Spira and his wife established Lutron, Inc. in 1961 and invented dimming and automated systems for fluorescent and LED fixtures in the following years. They're located in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. Today, the company offers a well-known product line of dimmers and light switches that are affordable and conveniently integrate into any home.

Why We Love Lutron Dimmers & Light Switches

Lutron dimmers save energy in many ways. Not only do they reduce the amount of energy expelled through a bulb, they actually extend the bulb's life and lessens bulb demand. Lutron light switches with dimmers provide romantic atmosphere, working with a number of lights, including some fluorescent fixtures and many low voltage fixtures. Overall, they're an inexpensive way to add control, comfort and convenience to the home.

Fun Facts About Lutron

Inventors of the light + shade control, Lutron produces around 15,000 products (a far cry from their humble beginnings of 2 products).

Noteworthy Products from Lutron

The Maestro Low Voltage Electronic Light Dimmer remains one of Lutron's most popular designs, thanks to its "tap" activation. It's offered in ivory, light almond and white to help match the color scheme of your rooms. And be sure to check out the Caseta collection for dimmer switches, a thermostat and light controls you can spread throughout your home. The Lutron Caseta is a wireless dimmer that allows you to have a truly wireless system with your ceiling and wall lights. Like most other Lutron products, the Caseta is offered in White and Light Almond finishes.

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