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The New Traditional.

Cecilia Table Lamp by Robert Abbey

Looks We Love: The New Traditional

Move over, mundane. The New Traditional balances the best of modern
and traditional design for an inviting look that transcends each genre.

Tired of mundane modern? Give your contemporary space a softer edge with the New Traditional look. This mode of design incorporates the best of both modern and traditional designs, and so includes a variety of forms and finishes that are perfect for adding a clean finish to a traditional space, warming up modern interiors or perfectly finishing a transitional space.

What exactly does New Traditional look like? It has classic silhouettes with modern materials and finishes, clean interpretations of traditional shapes or classic finishes on contemporary forms. There are many ways to incorporate it into a design scheme. Here are a few ways of our favorite ways to embrace the New Traditional.

Simply Modern

The is iconic in modern designs. But rendered in a rich brass, the effect is overall much softer for use in less-than-modern spaces. Using a warm metal tone helps to tie-in the weathered table and chair. The simple shape and warm brass or copper finish also allows you to modernize a classic space without being jarring.

Big and bold, the Oru Copper Pendant will act as a focal point to center a larger space. Perfect for creating a more intimate dining area within an open floor plan.

With its plisse fabric shade and transparent base, the Miss K Soft Table Lamp is a more delicate take on . With its warm glow and soft pleats, this would blend in well on a classic or .

A sculptural riff on a classic look. The Bari Chandelier is the ideal choice to make a space less stuffy. It's elegant yet fun, and delivers a bold look paired with classic glamour.

Clean Industrial

For New Traditional, take away the grease and grit from industrial-inspired looks. Classic working forms and industrial shapes are being interpreted in clean and bright versions. Look for casual cords, delicate cages and exposed bulbs. It's a great way to keep a traditional space from becoming too formal, with a piece that is a little less than delicate.

Clean and classically sculptural in form, the Book Club Swingarm Wall Sconce is functional and decorative. It will add a rugged pop to any space.

Classic and cool. Based on early 20th-century British maritime lighting designs, the Ships Well Glass Pendant can be used alone or in multiples to add a bright, look to spaces casual or refined.

A bold take on the lantern look. The Darlana Linear Suspension straddles the line between vintage and today with a classic but modern lantern silhouette. This tidy look is made even more dramatic by the piece's scale, at up to 54 inches wide.

A Softer Take on Vintage

New Traditional relies on a blending of styles. Consider finding contemporary pieces that incorporate some vintage-inspired elements to add some eye-catching glamour. To keep the look from feeling too modern, make sure to look for rich finishes like brass, copper or bronze.

With its angular arms, the Archie Chandelier adds a pop of new in a classic space. Warmed with the brass finish, this piece delivers great modern-vintage flair.

Need to make a grand statement? With its petite faceted droplets, the Perla Chandelier gives you both a playful alternative to classic crystal and big visual impact.

As diverse as our own history is, New Traditional pulls from all of it. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles, finishes and materials. Take from your own personal history and find pieces that tell your story and make you happy. Most of all, make sure that your interpretation remains comfortable. After all, the New Traditional does not mean the new stuffy.