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Looks We Love: Pretty in Pink

Looks We Love: Pretty in Pink

Pink is having a major moment right now. While a certain “millennial” shade might suggest specificity to one generation, this desaturated, moodier, muted cousin of neon pink is adored by the masses and is cropping up everywhere—see our favorite ways to get the look.

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Pink is having a major moment right now. And no, we don’t mean the musical artist, we're talking about the color, and if you keep an eye on current trends, then you know that it’s all about a certain shade of pink…most commonly referred to as millennial pink. Although the name might suggest specificity to one generation, this desaturated, moodier, muted cousin of neon pink is adored by the masses and is cropping up everywhere, from interior design to lighting…even to hair color.

Some say the source of this craze originated sometime in 2012, then exploded in 2016 when Pantone paired soft Rose Quartz with the cooler tone of Serenity. But in our experience, it takes time for a trend to reach the apex of its popularity, not the sudden announcement of the next “it” color. With different hues of this peachy color reaching far throughout the design industry, you have to assume this color has been on the radar for some time.

Sketch London

Sketch London, UK. Image via

So why pink? Why now? Well for starters, it’s a very fun color that can add some levity to a well-designed interior.

Take the Sketch in London (a tea room by day and cocktail lounge by night). It took this buzzy color scheme to a whole new level, and yes, it feels over-the-top and camp, but we can’t help but love the garish application of pink, pink and more pink.

Designer Lauren Rasken of Lauren A Balkan Designs said the pink revival is due in part to the sheer variety of shades that are out there.

“I think it is a design favorite for people because it is an understated version of pink with no exact color,” Rasken said. “Millennial pink is soft in color but varies in shade, it has a dusty tone to it.”

The versatility makes it easy to use in an interior space—depending on how bold the client is, since pink isn’t quite a neutral. Claire Jones, co-founder of Etch & Ivy Design in Sacramento, CA, agreed.

“Millennial pink in particular is having its moment because it’s a sophisticated pink,” Jones said. “And it’s almost a neutral of sorts, where it can be paired with most design styles.”

Her favorite go-to’s? Jones looks to navy, mustard yellow, brass and ivory to pair beautifully with pink.

“A modern brass chair frame with a light pink cushion feels unexpected and fresh,” Jones said. “Using sleek and modern furniture profiles also helps in making pink feel more refined and less juvenile.”

Here are a few ways we wouldn’t mind bringing a little millennial pink into our space:

Accent pieces

A small addition like an accent lamp on the more peach end of the spectrum is a simple way to be a part of the trend without revamping your entire home.

Functional and Fun

Known for having their finger on the pulse of trending colors, this shade of pink makes appearances throughout Muuto’s collection, keeping in line with the trend while also providing a functional light source for formal—or comfortable—areas in your home.

Indoors and Out

Millennial Pink likes the outdoors as well…why not take it outside? If your home follows a strict color scheme that might not work with pink, you can bend the rules a little with the Betty Stacking Chair, which in this shade will liven up any outdoor space.

You will notice that not one of these pinks are the same—there’s that versatility again! Millennial pink can certainly be considered beyond a specific shade, opening more doors to how and when you apply it to your home or day-to-day life.