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2019 Trends With Staying Power

We take a look back at some of the year’s top trends that are more than just a one-hit wonder.
These styles and designs are poised to be go-to aesthetics for years to come.

2019 is coming to a close, bringing with it a powerful portfolio of home décor trends that are sure to take 2020 by storm. From poised color palettes and swaths of animal print to reimagined designs of decades past, here’s a look back on some of our favorite styles that will remain relevant for years to come.

Catchy Colors

Millennial pink took center stage in 2019, lending itself to wall paint, upholstery, rugs, bath towels and even dishware. This pale bubblegum hue is expected to carry over, alongside more subtle variations like watermelon, blush and mauve. Pastels also made an impact, coined as “the new neutral” of 2019. Mint green, faded blues, cheeky corals and soft yellows lighten and brighten a room while eliciting a sense of calm, coordinating beautifully with wooden finishes and sleek mirror-polished metals alike. You can also bet on black marching into the future. At once chic and edgy, this timeless neutral strikes the perfect balance of contrast and versatility.

Designs Reimagined

With the passing of time, staple styles are constantly being reimagined and replayed in newer settings. Classic hygge decor—as much a lifestyle as it is a trend—gained much notoriety in the past year. Centered around cultivating community, cozy and overall well-being, this Danish trend invites luxe, plush layers, knit throw pillows and candles to cultivate both warmth and style. Time-honored modern farmhouse designs have also been widespread in 2019, complete with weathered woods, wrought-iron accents and oil-rubbed finishes. Imbued with a hint of rustic charm and seasonal spirit, you can expect both styles to make a return whenever cool weather is upon us.

Cyclical Styles

Paying homage to the ‘80s, animal prints and boldly colored palettes have been featured in upholstery, textiles and furniture over the past 12 months, creating eye-catching focal points in otherwise neutral-hued spaces. Memphis Style also became prominent, found scattered in wall art full of vivid neons, primary pastels and geometric, repetitive patterns. Palm fronds and other natural patterns redolent of Miami and Palm Springs were also celebrated, lending a burst of lush greenery to any climate. Keeping cyclical styles in mind for the future ensures your space will always be full of tasteful color and contrast.

Timeless Trends

Mid-century modern has made its way into every decade since its inception. It’s hard to deny the seductive style of this timeless trend, flaunting richly figured walnut and cherry furniture with sleek, simple profiles and straight, stately lines. At once modest and sensible, this trend pairs seamlessly with most styles, allowing it to continue forward as a hallmark in home decor. A fresh take on traditional furnishings and lighting also debuted, pairing classic framing with modern materials and finishes to create fresh interpretations of traditional designs.

Elegant Office Space

As the decade comes to a close, more professionals are working remotely and thus needing a chic and sensible home office. Stacked, vertical shelving combats pesky office clutter, in turn making space for books, paperwork and decorative accents. Instead of picture frames lined on a desk or pinned to a bulletin, sleek surfaces have been kept minimal, complete with just enough space for a laptop, task lamp and sumptuous leather accent chair. An organized and elegant atmosphere improves productivity, making a stylish workplace more important than ever.

We’re looking forward to incorporating these trends and ringing in the new year with still more styles with staying power.