The LightLove Story

Launched in 2013 by Global Lighting founder Larry Lazin, LightLove is dedicated to the discovery of distinctive artisanal lighting imbued with a global perspective. Having spent more than two decades distributing European lighting lines in the states, Lazin has leveraged his considerable credentials on that continent and created a boutique imprint under which he can take fixtures discovered (primarily) in Europe and bring them to the states.

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Nomadically roaming design fairs, trade shows and back roads, LightLove works with the best of Europe's emerging designers and manufacturers, taking those creations and subsequently retrofitting the fixtures to meet UL standards. The result is an eclectic collection of lighting that otherwise would likely never be made available in the states, spanning the contemporary to the traditional, the whimsical to the sublime.

Why We Love LightLove Lighting

Having spent practically his entire adult life in the world of lighting, and the past 20+ years working exclusively with design-centric overseas lighting companies like Forestier and Grupo B.Lux, Lazin has a superlative understanding of the European lighting landscape. The years passionately spent discovering and cultivating those close relationships with designers leave us eagerly awaiting what LightLove turns up next.

Noteworthy Lighting from LightLove

Translucent taxidermy. Sourced from Norway and designed by Trond Svendgard and Ove Rogne, the Moo Wall Light strongly supports what you likely already knew - there's nothing to not love about an illuminated moose. The Ball Filinksy Pendant, crafted in Egypt and India, features a stippled surface of punched metal pinholes, an evocative example of LightLove's many Moroccan-inspired fixtures.

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