The Lightecture Story

Lightecture is quite literally the "large" line of AXO Light, a modern lighting designer based in Venice, Italy. Lightecture was conceived to improve the availability of large modern lighting fixtures that will suit the scale of today's vast, open architecture. Lightecture fixtures are further complementary to their settings by being just as carefully conceived, engineered and executed as the buildings they inhabit and illuminate.

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The Lightecture line was created for AXO Light by Fly Design.

Why We Love Lightecture

Right now, Lightecture has just five collections in its catalogue. However, between those five collections, there are more than 5,000 lighting options. Each collection has an array of styles, with each of these styles available in a huge range of sizes and colors. And, as impressive as the variety may be, the great joy comes from knowing just how finely crafted each piece is, with high-quality cotton and ponge fabrics hand-pleated for the ultimate play of light and intricate metal frames with hand-applied finishes.

A Fun Fact About Lightecture

The largest piece offered in the Lightecture line is the Bell Suspension. It comes in a version that's more than 70" wide and 44" tall.

Noteworthy Lighting From Lightecture

The Lightecture Bell Suspension is the signature piece, with a rounded shade made of strips of ponge fabric over a visible metal wire frame. An open bottom reveals the fine tailoring of the shade on the inside as well as out. The Velvet Suspension lives up to its name with its decidedly velvet-like Micro 2000 fabric. The soft, colorful outer shade is complemented by a radial light diffuser made of strips of black or white ponge fabric.

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