LEFF Amsterdam

The LEFF Amsterdam Story

LEFF Amsterdam was founded in 2011 by Arno Ruijzenaars to design and make beautiful objects...that also just happen to perform the useful function of telling time. The company's motto is "less of the same, more of the different," pointing to the company's dedication to mixing things up in the world of modern wall clocks and table clocks. This "time without limits" philosophy has attracted the talents of a variety of designers from both inside and out The Netherlands, each contributing their own unique vision to the LEFF Amsterdam catalogue of contemporary clocks.

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Why We Love LEFF Amsterdam

As stated by founder Arno Ruijzenaars, "We believe that life’s too beautiful for dull design and boring basics. That’s why we founded LEFF Amsterdam: to make outspoken objects that tell time and light up their surroundings." Stylistically, the line of LEFF Amsterdam clocks are inspired by classic timepieces but are updated with unique fonts, materials and proportions that allow then to stand out in any setting. High-quality inner mechanisms combined with careful handcrafting ensure that you will enjoy telling the time for a very long time.

A Fun Fact About LEFF Amsterdam

LEFF Amsterdam is part of the LEFF Group, housed in "Het Westerhuis" at the Westerstraat in Amsterdam. The building is a former school that has been turned into a cultural and artistic epicenter by its owner, designer Marcel Wanders. The LEFF Group also manages the local marketing and distribution of products from other companies like Graypants, Plumen (Hulger), Tivoli Audio and Stadler Form.

Noteworthy Products by LEFF Amsterdam

The Brick Desk Clock is a large, heavy-duty reinterpretation of the classic flip clock. It includes a solid welded stainless steel case and a flip mechanism with modern graphics. It can go on desks or tabletops, or even be mounted on a wall.

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LEFF Amsterdam