The Lafer Story

For more than 80 years, Lafer has designed and produced its signature line of furniture in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In recent decades, that furniture has come to focus primarily on recliners, with some rather amazing modern designs paired with smooth, state-of-the-art functionality. The current line of Lafer recliners and other seating goes to show that you never have to sacrifice comfort for style in contemporary living spaces.

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Why We Love Lafer Furniture

Lafer recliners show very little resemblance to the big, overstuffed recliners so popular back in the '80s. Lafer designs are much slimmer in form (yet still perfectly plush) and superior in function; adjustable headrests, backrests and sliding/articulating armrests are standard features. Especially notable is the Lafer retractable footrest which, when not in use, curves underneath a seat and blends in beautifully with the rest of the chair.

Fun Facts About Lafer

Sound familiar? Many of the Lafer recliners are named after popular female musicians (U.S., mostly, and a few international stars).

Noteworthy Products from Lafer

The Adele family of recliners features smartly tailored ribbed upholstery to camouflage the adjustable headrest, et al. All of it looks nearly weightless on a minimal steel wire base. Meanwhile, the Gaga family combines a smooth seat with matching fully upholstered arms and a round 360-degree swivel base. So you can relax and look cool in any direction.

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