Jake Dyson

The Jake Dyson Story

Since 2003, in his studio in Clerkenwell, London, Jake Dyson and his team of design engineers have been creating contemporary lighting pieces that are visually stunning and--most importantly--functionally innovative. First was the Motorlight collection, a floor lamp and wall sconce motorized for variable beam spread adjustment. When they were released (in 2007 and 2008, respectively), they were the first of their kind. Six years of exhaustive testing and development then resulted in the game-changing CSYS task lighting collection in 2011.

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Why We Love Jake Dyson Lamps

Jake Dyson lighting doesn't just illuminate; it solves problems. The Motorlight came about because Dyson didn't like having to settle for fixed beam spreads. CSYS task lighting came from the challenge of designing an LED light that will last for life. Dyson wants his lighting to work and work well before too much thought goes into how it will look and enhance a space visually. Keeping that in mind, the fact that these lamps are so beautiful and sleekly industrial can only mean that the mechanisms and technology inside are downright revolutionary.

A Fun Fact About Jake Dyson

There's a reason that the name Jake Dyson sounds familiar. Dyson's father, James Dyson, is the inventor of the Dyson line of vacuum cleaners and fans. It would appear that technological innovation runs in the family.

Noteworthy Lighting by Jake Dyson

The CSYS lamp is a highly engineered, smooth-functioning and extraordinarily long-lasting LED task light. The distinctive mechanical form of the CSYS collection was inspired by construction cranes, elevators and drawing board mechanisms. It adjusts up and down, side-to-side and rotates all the way around the main stem. CSYS also uses the latest heat sink technology to give its LEDs an extraordinarily long life: 37+ years.

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Jake Dyson