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From mid-century architecture, to sleek hotel lobbies, to that beloved home design show, we know your style inspiration can come from anywhere. At Lumens, we know and love that a modern aesthetic might reflect any one of these, not to mention all the things in between. But most importantly, your modern style should reflect, well, you. Find a wide range of modern styles in our spring catalog to discover a look for your home that's modern like you.


Cubist Pendant By Visual Comfort Designed by Kelly Wearstler

We love it because: This geometric design is a shining example of modernist ideals. The abstract lines are organized and symmetrical, with plenty of room for light and shadow to play, lending a smart and curious vibe to modern interiors.

Bertoia Barstool with Seat Cushion Designed by Harry Bertoia for Knoll

We love it because: That whole “form follows function” thing that’s so key to modern design is gorgeously realized in Bertoia’s work. Not only is his iconic design practical, it’s comfy and quite easy on the eye.

Sapper Kettle with Melodic Whistle By Alessi

We love it because: It’s the Mercedes of tea kettles. Designer Richard Sapper started his career with Mercedes-Benz, and his industrial-chic kettle echoes with transportation-inspired influence; the whistle recalls the cheery riverboat toots Sapper heard as a child.

Form Teapot, Sugar Dish and Tea Caddy By Tom Dixon

We love it because: We love it because: Tom Dixon does industrial-edgy style better than most. This glam set combines the tradition of the British institution of tea with a modernist edge that’s part Art-Deco, part glam and all Dixon.