Iacoli & McAllister

The Iacoli & McAllister Story

Jamie Iacoli and Brian McAllister met in Seattle in 2007, quickly bonding over a shared design aesthetic informed by simplicity, beauty and functionality. Oh, and a love for the art of welding. The couple set up shop as Iacoli and McAllister shortly thereafter in the city's artistically vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood. And it didn't take long for the eponymously named studio to start flexing its creative muscle, designing and issuing gorgeous products across the worlds of lighting, furniture and jewelry.

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Why We Love Iacoli & McAllister

To paraphrase Iacoli, Iacoli and McAllister make nice things. Very nice things. The pair takes a reductive approach to design, toying with the balance of positive and negative spatiality while adhering to a core set of design principles that frame their collective process - proportion, scale, color and fabrication. Coupled with the duo's constant exploration of material mediums and various industrial processes, their seamlessly attuned sensibilities infuse the studio's work with a clean and chromatic Donald Judd-like minimalism.

A Fun Fact About Iacoli & McAllister

Iacoli and McAllister have never met a fabrication technique they weren't willing to take on. In addition to welding, the pair has incorporated laser-cutting, etching and even embroidery into their designs.

Noteworthy Products from Iacoli & McAllister

The Iacoli and McAllister 2 Piece Frame Cluster Chandelier was an early byproduct of the studio's constant exploration of materials and processes. Featuring 2 individual open volumes (one measuring 12"x12", the other 8"x8") of plated steel set side-by-side, the minimal lines of each shade frame and highlight the purity of a single incandescent appliance bulb (included).

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Iacoli & McAllister