The Huygens Story

An offshoot of LEFF Amsterdam, Huygens was founded to focus on the next generation of sophisticated timepieces. Their clocks are completely silent; you won’t find any tick-tock here.

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Why We Love Huygens Clocks

We’reAll Huygens clocks are rigorously tested to meet their lofty quality standards, including a totally quiet movement. And not only do the clocks look great, they’re crafted from recyclable quality materials.

Fun Facts About Huygens

The company is named for Christiaan Huygens, a 17th-century physicist and mathematician (as well as astronomer, inventor and more) who is credited with inventing the first pendulum clock, which improved timekeeping accuracy more than 60-fold. Before his invention, clocks would be off by up to 15 minutes per day; after, pendulum clocks were only off by 15 seconds.

Noteworthy Products from Huygens

The One Series clocks are beautiful in their simplicity. Brushed stainless steel cases hold elegant inner workings that deliver precise movement with no noise at all.

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