The Huppe Story

Huppe has come a long way since its days of selling its cedar chests around Canada as early as 1967. Through the decades, Huppe has grown its line to include fine wooden, upholstered and wood-veneer furniture for just about every room in the home. A group of impressive modern designers from Joel Dupras to Karim Rashid, as well as a partnership with fellow Quebequois company Italdivani, lead Huppe into the present day with a chic selection of contemporary designs.

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Why We Love Huppe

Each piece of furniture is painstakingly crafted on demand, so each item receives the undivided attention of its artisans who know a customer is waiting for that exact piece. Nearly a dozen individual processes are involved in finishing a product, and all are completed, by hand, to your specifications.

Fun Fact About Huppe

For each bed they sell, Huppe donates a tree to be planted by Tree Canada, a registered charity dedicated to reforestation and making urban areas greener. Huppe’s investment has so far raised more than $10,000 for this effort. The company is also quite proud of its environmental initiatives, including a next-generation heat recovery system that uses the heat produced in its varnishing chambers to warm the rest of the factory.

Noteworthy Lighting from Huppe

The SWAN bedroom collection boasts solid American walnut construction along with fine walnut veneer, specially selected to showcase the natural wood grain that walnut is known for. And the LINEA collection has a lighter look with an upholstered bed frame and lacquered steel supports, lending an airy quality to this industrial-modern aesthetic.

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