• Shown in Heritage Brass finish, 69 Inch

  • Shown in Heritage Brass finish, 60 Inch

  • Shown in Matte Black finish, 50 Inch

  • Shown in Matte Black finish, 50 Inch


  • 50 Inch Option

  • 69 Inch Option

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Hedra Belvedere LED Linear Suspension by Levi Wilson for

$5,495.00 - $6,495.00 + FREE SHIPPING
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Key Features

Ships To Canada
Made In USA

The Hedra Belvedere LED Linear Suspension by Hammerton Studio presents a bold geometric form that is a nod to contemporary design trends. Hand blown glass gems adorn a simple metal frame, each lit with energy efficient LEDs. The glass shades take the idea of a cut diamond and re-imagine it for modern times, with a minimal and artisan flair.

Hammerton Studio is a leading U.S.-based lighting designer and manufacturer, best known for its award-winning sculptural creations in all forms of artisan glass. The brand combines artisan-blown and kiln-fired fused glass, hand-hewn steel, and other authentic materials with surprising contemporary design and meticulous attention to detail.

The Hedra Belvedere LED Linear Suspension is available with the following:
  • Designed by Levi Wilson
  • Material: Metal
  • Shade Material: Hand blown glass
  • Dimmable When Used With a Electronic low voltage (ELV) Dimmer (Not Included)
  • UL Listed
  • Made In USA
  • Glass Color: Chilled Amber, Chilled Bronze, Chilled Clear, Chilled Smoke, Optic Rib Amber, Optic Rib Bronze, Optic Rib Clear, Optic Rib Smoke, Optic Twist Amber, Optic Twist Bronze, Optic Twist Clear, Optic Twist Smoke
  • Finish: Flat Bronze, Gilded Brass, Gunmetal, Heritage Brass, Matte Black, Metallic Beige Silver, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel
  • Size: 50 in, 69 in
  • 50 in Option: 42 Watt (2735 Lumens) 120 Volt Integrated LED: CRI: 93 Color Temp: 2700K
  • 69 in Option: 52 Watt (3420 Lumens) 120 Volt Integrated LED: CRI: 93 Color Temp: 2700K

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The amount of light that comes from a bulb, which has commonly been measured in watts. The more lumens, the brighter the bulb.


A measurement of the power delivered to a component of an electric circuit (allowing a one-ampere current to flow through the component under the pressure of 1 volt.)

Bulb Shape

Bulb shapes are denoted with a letter, which describes the shape, and a number, which indicates the size. The number indicates the diameter of the light bulb at its widest part in eighths of an inch.


The part of the bulb that connects to the fixture and its power supply. Bulb bases are denoted with the letter E, and a number which indicates the diameter of the bulb base at its widest part in millimeters.


Indicates how much voltage a bulb can accept via the fixture it's installed in.

Light Color Temperature

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Average Rated Life

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  • 50 in Option Canopy: Length 6", Width 9"
  • 50 in Option Fixture: Length 49.9", Height 18.9", Depth 19.8", Weight 45Lbs
  • 69 in Option Canopy: Length 6", Width 9"
  • 69 in Option Fixture: Length 68.8", Height 18.9", Depth 19.8", Weight 60Lbs

Manufacturer IDs: view

PLB0045-50-FB-CA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-FB-CA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GB-CA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GB-CA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GM-CA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GM-CA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-HB-CA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-HB-CA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-MB-CA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-MB-CA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-BS-CA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-BS-CA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-RB-CA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-RB-CA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-SN-CA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-SN-CA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-FB-CB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-FB-CB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GB-CB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GB-CB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GM-CB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GM-CB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-HB-CB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-HB-CB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-MB-CB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-MB-CB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-BS-CB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-BS-CB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-RB-CB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-RB-CB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-SN-CB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-SN-CB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-FB-CC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-FB-CC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GB-CC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GB-CC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GM-CC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GM-CC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-HB-CC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-HB-CC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-MB-CC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-MB-CC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-BS-CC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-BS-CC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-RB-CC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-RB-CC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-SN-CC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-SN-CC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-FB-CS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-FB-CS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GB-CS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GB-CS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GM-CS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GM-CS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-HB-CS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-HB-CS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-MB-CS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-MB-CS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-BS-CS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-BS-CS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-RB-CS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-RB-CS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-SN-CS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-SN-CS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-FB-RA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-FB-RA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GB-RA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GB-RA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GM-RA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GM-RA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-HB-RA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-HB-RA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-MB-RA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-MB-RA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-BS-RA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-BS-RA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-RB-RA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-RB-RA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-SN-RA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-SN-RA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-FB-RB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-FB-RB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GB-RB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GB-RB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GM-RB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GM-RB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-HB-RB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-HB-RB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-MB-RB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-MB-RB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-BS-RB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-BS-RB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-RB-RB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-RB-RB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-SN-RB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-SN-RB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-FB-RC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-FB-RC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GB-RC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GB-RC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GM-RC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GM-RC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-HB-RC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-HB-RC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-MB-RC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-MB-RC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-BS-RC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-BS-RC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-RB-RC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-RB-RC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-SN-RC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-SN-RC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-FB-RS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-FB-RS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GB-RS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GB-RS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GM-RS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GM-RS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-HB-RS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-HB-RS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-MB-RS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-MB-RS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-BS-RS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-BS-RS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-RB-RS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-RB-RS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-SN-RS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-SN-RS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-FB-TA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-FB-TA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GB-TA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GB-TA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GM-TA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GM-TA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-HB-TA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-HB-TA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-MB-TA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-MB-TA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-BS-TA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-BS-TA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-RB-TA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-RB-TA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-SN-TA-001-L1 PLB0045-69-SN-TA-001-L1 PLB0045-50-FB-TB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-FB-TB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GB-TB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GB-TB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GM-TB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GM-TB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-HB-TB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-HB-TB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-MB-TB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-MB-TB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-BS-TB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-BS-TB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-RB-TB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-RB-TB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-SN-TB-001-L1 PLB0045-69-SN-TB-001-L1 PLB0045-50-FB-TC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-FB-TC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GB-TC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GB-TC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GM-TC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GM-TC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-HB-TC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-HB-TC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-MB-TC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-MB-TC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-BS-TC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-BS-TC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-RB-TC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-RB-TC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-SN-TC-001-L1 PLB0045-69-SN-TC-001-L1 PLB0045-50-FB-TS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-FB-TS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GB-TS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GB-TS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-GM-TS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-GM-TS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-HB-TS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-HB-TS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-MB-TS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-MB-TS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-BS-TS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-BS-TS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-RB-TS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-RB-TS-001-L1 PLB0045-50-SN-TS-001-L1 PLB0045-69-SN-TS-001-L1

California Residents: Prop 65 regulations

California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, which is known in the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Proposition 65 de la Californie

AVERTISSMENT: ce produit peut vous exposer au plomb, ce qui est reconnu par l'État de Californie comme cause de cancer, d'anomalies congénitales ou d'autres domages à la reproduction. Pour plus d'informations, visitez www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Prop. 65 de California

ADVERTENCIA: Este producto puede explonerlo al plomo, lo cual es conocido en el Estado de California como causante de càncer, defectos de namimiento y ostros daños al sistem reproductivo. Para obeneter mayor información, visite www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Hedra Belvedere LED Linear Suspension Availability

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Hedra Belvedere LED Linear Suspension