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Hallway Recessed Lighting

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  • InvisiLED Collection
    5 Product Options
    $695 - $1,60195
  • LEDme LED200 Step and Wall Light
    $11595 - $16095
  • Oculux 3.5" LED Square Open Reflector Trim
  • LEDme LED300 Step and Wall Light
    Color Temperature
    $11595 - $12495
  • Regressed Deep LED 4 Inch Round Recessed Trim
    Trim Finish
    $9600 - $10000
  • Generation 2 120V Recessed Housing
  • Faretti Cindy Recessed Light
    Glass Color
    $20100 - $45900
  • Amara Drum Pendant



    $40804 - $53155 $816.09 - $1,063.10
  • Mini LED 3 Light Recessed Multiple Spot Light Kit
    Trim / Reflector Color
  • Oculux 3.5" LED Round Adjustable Trim
  • Oculux 3.5" LED Square Adjustable Trim
  • T3450 Recessed Non Adjustable Trim
    $3708 - $6336
  • Tesla 3.5" Pro LED Round Open Reflector High Output Trim
    $17095 - $17995
  • Circulux 3" Adjustable Trim
    $5400 - $5886
  • Regressed Plenum 4 Inch Square LED Trim
  • 4 inch Square Regressed Trim
  • Ardito 3.5 in. Square Regressed Slim Trim
    Interior Finish
    $18018 - $48312
  • 4 Inch Eyeball Gimbal LED Trim
    $8600 - $9600
  • Ultra Thin 3" LED Wafer Downlight
    $3640 - $3942
  • Entra Adjustable Remodel Housing
  • Aether 3.5" LED Shallow Housing Trimless Downlight
    $18895 - $19795
  • Gimbal 3 Inch Square LED Trim
    $8000 - $8400
  • Round LED Smooth Baffle Trim
    3 Size Options
    $5856 - $11320
  • Oculux 3.5" LED Round Open Reflector Trim

Learn More About Hallway Recessed Lighting

Why We Love Hallway Recessed Lighting

Contemporary recessed lighting can help to give your hallways a warmer, brighter and more spacious feel. Here you will find a broad selection of recessed light fixtures from which to choose, in styles ranging from traditional to modern and everything in between. Finding the perfect recessed lights to upgrade your hallway's design is easy and it is a relatively simple update that can provide a lot of decorative impact.

For narrower hallways or hallways with lower ceilings, lighting can be a bit of a hassle. If you’re having trouble finding a fixture that doesn’t get in the way or hang too low, you will want to consider recessed lighting. Recessed light fixtures, also commonly called can lights, are functional, they maximize your space and best of all, they’re now available in a range of attractive styles to fit a variety of interior design looks. Recessed lights are not often regarded as the most decorative type of fixture you could install in a space. They are usually strictly functional and serve a purpose of providing tremendous downlight. But recessed lighting can also act as the complementary light you need in a room. And in the hallway, where you likely have sconces or uplights on the wall and a set of lights along your baseboards, you'll appreciate the overhead glow recessed fixtures provide.

Hallway Recessed Lighting for Every Style

The understated beauty of a recessed lighting system is that it has the ability to fit into almost any interior aesthetic. To highlight certain design elements or artwork in your hall, adjustable recessed lights are a good idea. Many designs offer eyelid trims, allowing you to position them as you seem fit. If you’re looking for general overhead illumination, mirrored designs pack a ton of light into a small fixture. Check out the designs from WAC Lighting or Contrast Lighting to get started with some ideas. And for a complete system you can rely on and trust for its energy efficiency, look to the LED recessed lights from Element Lighting (the line of recessed trims and housings from Tech).

Choosing the Best Recessed Hallway Lights

Recessed lighting can create eye-catching looks in the hallway, but you need to carefully select the right fixtures for your hallway. Begin your search by measuring the space in your ceiling where the recessed housing will be installed. You'll want to keep in mind a recessed system is comprised of a housing and a trim, and your selection will be based on your home being new construction or a remodeled. Once you know the size of the recessed housing you need, you can begin identifying the recessed trims that will most appropriately fit into your hallway's style. As the visible part of the fixture, you'll need to make sure you choose recessed trims with colors and finishes that blend into your hallway. And lastly, look at the trim's lumens chart to properly gauge how bright the can light will be. If you have any questions about the hallway recessed light fixtures featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

For greater control over the brightness of your new lights, consider installing light dimmers to adjust your hallway lighting for different occasions. There is a large variety of contemporary dimming switches in the Legrand Adorne collection you will want to see. And if you’re looking for ways to make your hallway into an even more welcoming and inviting space, consider getting a contemporary runner rug. You’ll be amazed what a difference a rug can make. And finally, if you appreciate the low profile nature of these ceiling lights and want something that stands out from the ceiling a little more, consider a flushmount.

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