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Gus Modern Furniture Information, Care & Maintenance

The care instructions provided here are to assist you in the care, maintenance and enjoyment of your Gus Modern furniture. Use these tips to ensure proper use and care of your Gus* furniture.


Sofas are the backbone of the Gus Modern collection. All of the sofas feature kiln-dried hardwood frames and employ no-sag spring construction to produce a dependable, long-lasting product. The cushions are made of high-density upholstery foam to ensure each one holds its shape and provides outstanding comfort and support. Some furniture pieces employ a down 'wrap' as well.

When unpacking your new sofa, it is recommended that you take the time to 'model' it with your hands in order to ensure it returns to its initial appearance which will have altered slightly during transportation. A light fluffing and smoothing out of the upholstery and cushions will restore the sofa to its intended aesthetic quality.

Image of Davenport Bi-Sectional Sofa in a modern contemporary room setting

Fabric & Vinyl

All of the fabrics and vinyls offered in the Gus* collection have high abrasion resistance with no less than Wyzenbeek 15,000 double rubs.

  • For regular maintenance and to maintain the nap of the fabric, we recommend vacuuming your sofa regularly
  • Dab spills immediately with an absorbent cloth and remove the stain using cool distilled water and/or a mild soap
  • DO NOT over-saturate a stain with cleanser
  • Always test in an inconspicuous area first before using any soap product
  • For thorough cleaning, we recommend professional dry cleaning or a professional in-home upholstery cleaning service
  • Protect your furniture from direct sunlight, as this may cause the fabric to fade unevenly

** Most fabrics in the Gus* collection are inherently stain resistant and therefore do not require a protective coating (i.e. Scotchguarding). In some instances, applying such a coating can affect the appearance and/or “nap” of the fabric. Applying such a coating will void the fabric warranty. Should you decide to have a protective coating applied, there are third party companies that offer this service who then offer their own warranty on the fabric.


Gus* uses aniline dyed leather, which creates a soft, supple product that will become richer as the years pass. The dye penetrates the hide with color while allowing the natural grain to show through. As it is a natural product, leather has unique characteristics shaped by nature, including subtle variations and markings.

  • All Gus* leather is easily maintained without polishes, preservers or leather soaps, however, it is possible to use a non-toxic leather conditioner if you prefer
  • For routine maintenance, simply dust or vacuum to keep furniture looking good
  • Protect your furniture from direct sunlight, as this may cause the leather to fade unevenly
  • Dab spills immediately with a soft cloth dampened in distilled water

Most surface marks will fade over time if you rub them with your fingers. Natural oils are released to help the marks disappearAll leather will wear over time, giving your piece its own unique character.

Hair On Hide

Gus* hair-on-hide products are upholstered with genuine cowhide. The marks and coloration of each hide are unique and make each piece one-of-a-kind. The upholstery can be maintained with an occasional, light vacuuming.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a prevalent material in the Gus* collection. Our signature brushed stainless steel has a matte finish with a subtle sheen. Each piece goes through four distinct manufacturing stages: cutting, welding, grinding and polishing. We employ TIG welding to give you a clean, detailed weld with maximum strength and no distortion.

For best results when polishing stainless steel surfaces, we recommend that you use a soft cloth and stainless cleaner, wiping back-and-forth with the “grain”. Avoid wiping with a circular motion, as this can mar the surface.


Gus* wood accent pieces are constructed using a combination of solid wood construction and real wood veneers. To help maintain their appearance, we recommend cleaning the wood surfaces with a damp soft cloth.


All Gus* lacquer products are finished with a durable high gloss lacquer finish. To help maintain their appearance, we recommend cleaning the surface with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning products as they will mar the surface.

Do not hit the finish hard with a vacuum cleaner or other heavy item as this will chip the finish.


For best results when cleaning acrylic surfaces, we recommend that you use a lint-free cloth and acrylic cleaner. Avoid using paper towels. Do not use window cleaner or any other alcohol or ammonia-based products, as they may cloud the surface.

Organic Plastic

Our organic products are made from extruded plastic strands which allow the product to keep its shape while remaining pliable. The line is food safe and completely recyclable. We use a polyethylene with no additives in the resin. The line is CFIA approved (the Canadian Food Inspection Agency).


For information about wattage recommendations or installation of Gus* lighting products, please consult the product information card included with the light fixture or call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.