Grok Lighting

The Grok Story

Barcelona is a well-known design capital, so it’s little wonder yet another exceptional studio hails from the region. Grok got its start in 1998 as parent company LEDS-C4’s contemporary brand. By bringing on designers from all over the world to collaborate on Grok’s line, the company developed an understanding, empathetic approach to both interpersonal interactions and their design process.

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The interaction of Grok’s lighting designs with their surroundings is of paramount importance in the studio’s execution. The company’s motto—Light is Life—illustrates the emotional aspect of light as decor, architectural element, comfort and convenience all rolled into one.

Why We Love Grok Lighting

Innovation in design and production are two of Grok’s strong suits. They aim to inject personality and perfection into each piece, with nothing left to chance after their rigorous quality control standards. And Grok sources the highest quality LEDs they can find from all over the world, ensuring their performance and longevity is unparalleled.

A Fun Fact About Grok

A rather unusual company name, “grok” is a word coined by Robert Heinlein in his sci-fi classic Stranger in a Strange Land. One of the term’s many meanings is to understand intuitively or with empathy: key principles that guide Grok’s approach to designing lighting.

Noteworthy Products From Grok

The Umbrella Collection imagines sunlight gently filtered through its namesake, although the illusion is achieved with play of light on the fixture’s metallic underside. In the Alive Collection, barebones pendants never looked so sleek. The design is a nod to the only requisite component of a light: the light source itself.

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