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Lighting & Design Glossary - W

Wall Treatment

A wall treatment is like huge, unique artistic stickers that can add color and design to a wall. It's a great option when wallpaper is either too busy or too cumbersome.

Wall Washing

A lighting technique that most often is used in outdoor landscape lighting. A strong beam of light is aimed at a wall (or other surface), which gives the wall the appearance of being "washed" in bright light.

Warm Light

Warm light gives off a soft white glow, often yellow in appearance. It’s best used in residential living spaces, indoor or outside. See cool light for more.

Waterborne Finish

A type of finish application for wood furniture, floors and other products. In contrast to conventional finishes, a waterborne finish is formaldehyde-free and drastically reduces VOC emissions in the factory and subsequent off-gassing in the home.


A unit of power equal to one joule per second. One watt is the amount of power delivered to a component of an electric circuit, allowing a one-ampere current to flow through the component under the pressure of 1 volt. Named after Scottish engineer James Watt.

Wet Locations

An indoor or outdoor location that has water or other liquids dripping, splashing or free-flowing. Wet locations include exterior walls, open-air decks and uncovered porches.

White Glove Delivery

Delivery of an item to the recipient's room of choice and subsequent removal of packing materials.