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Lighting & Design Glossary - R

Rail Lighting

Like monorail lighting or track lighting, rail lighting holds lighting fixtures to a rail on the ceiling. The rail can often be shaped to fit a specific space; often for use with spot lighting and wall washing fixtures to highlight artwork or other important features in a space.


Rattan is the name for hundreds of species of vine-like palms in Asia and Africa. Because it is beautiful, durable and resists splintering, Rattan is often used in tropical style indoor/outdoor furniture.

Recessed Lighting

Refers to lighting fixtures that are sunk into the ceiling when a flat ceiling surface is desired. A recessed light is composed of a housing and trim, usually sold individually, and are offered in a range of aperture and trim sizes.

Reeded Glass

Unlike the wavy effects of rippled glass, reeded glass refers to repeated vertical or horizontal lines along a sheet of glass. Reeded glass is used in wall lamps, bath bars and pendant lights, creating a sleek, refined look. There are several types of reeded glass. For example, English Reeded glass features ribs of glass that run the long direction, and Cross Reeded glass features a crosshatched pattern.


Resin is a hard substance derived from plants that is somewhat like sap and often mistaken for it. Its tough composition makes it a great option for making a lighting fixture more durable.

Often refers to lighting fixtures that reflect historic pieces like Edison and School House lights, distinguished by stainless steel, halophone glass and geometric shapes used in turn-of-the-century industrial design. See our favorite restoration designs.


Literally, of the past. Can refer to any design scheme with elements inherent to a previous time period, i.e. a 1950s diner kitchen, a 1960s "Mad Men" - inspired living room, etc.

Ribbed Glass

Glass with deep ridged surface texture, usually created via molding/pressing.

Rippled Glass

Glass with deep wave pattern surface texture.

Rope Lighting

A string of lights within insulating, flexible clear plastic tubing, making it suitable for interior and exterior applications. The plastic tubing comes in a variety of thicknesses, with lights of various colors and lamping types (incandescent or LED), and functioning with steady or animated illumination.


A rug that is proportionately much longer than it is wide. Typically used in narrow applications like hallways or stairways.

Rural and rough, this design theme is what one might typically find in cabins, lodges and ranches. The look is heavy and bold with a neutral color palette. Also referred to as Rustic Modern.