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Lighting & Design Glossary - Q


One of the most abundant minerals on Earth, which comes in a wide range of varieties, including Onyx, Amethyst and Citrine. Quartz is used as a crystal oscillator in clocks and watches, among other uses.

Quick Connect

A handy installation design used for hanging ceiling fixtures, like single and multi-light pendants. The pendant screws into the canopy (typically sold together on, where the electronic driver allows for wireless installation. Different pendants may be used with the same canopy, allowing for a fast change-out if a different look is desired in the future. Quick Connect is a term used by Besa Lighting and WAC lighting brands. Also known as RapidJack (ET2 Lighting) and Uni-Plug (Bruck Lighting Systems), among others.

Quick Ship

At, the term "Quick Ship" is applied to lighting, furniture and accessories that are shipped within 24 hours on weekdays.