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Lighting & Design Glossary - I

IC Rated/Rating

IC stands for "Insulated Contact." An IC rating is required for light fixtures that will be installed in direct contact with a building's insulation material in the wall or ceiling.


Recognizable as the "standard" light bulb, with electricity heating a tungsten filament enough to produce visible light. Learn more about incandescent bulbs and different types of light bulbs.

Takes its cue from the look and feel of items you'd normally see in past or present industrial settings. So the pendant lighting, furniture and other objects common to factories, docks, warehouses, etc. are re-thought and re-scaled for residential use.


Refers to a switch (both dimming and simple on/off) located on a fixture's power cord. With floor lamps, it can also be referred to as a floor switch.


A built-in, non-replaceable product part. For example, in LED light fixtures: the LED is integrated when it is a permanent part of the fixture that cannot be removed or replaced.

Interior Decorator

Interior Decorators help to choose the finishing touches in interior spaces, from paint colors to furniture.

Interior Designer

Interior Designers help to create new interior looks and coordinate all the efforts necessary to achieve that design look.


See Bauhaus style.

IP Rating

IP stands for "Ingress Protection." These two-digit ratings indicate degree of protection offered against solid objects (1st digit) and water (2nd digit) that a lighting fixture's enclosure can withstand.


Lustrous rainbow color surface effect.