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Lighting & Design Glossary - D


An indoor or covered outdoor location that sometimes gets moisture accumulation. Damp locations include some bathrooms, indoor pools and covered patios.

Dark Sky Compliant

Designation given to outdoor lighting fixtures that meets the International Dark Sky Association's (IDA) requirements for reducing waste of ambient light, including being fully shielded, within maximum wattage limits, etc.; established in the interest of saving energy, maximizing safely and maintaining the natural ambience of the night sky.

DC ceiling fan motors are being increasingly used in ceiling fans, since they are quieter and generally use less energy than AC fan motors. In fact, DC (Direct Current) fan motors use up to 70% less energy--they only use electricity to start up the motor (a magnetic drive keeps the fan going).

Design theme that refers to any lighting fixture with outstanding decorative qualities (shape, pattern, color, etc.), making it ideal for both jazzing up and illuminating a design scheme. uses this to classify table and floor lamps that possess that extra decorative quality for adding the final touch to a room.


Can refer to so many things. Including...the process of developing the look of a item. Or...the overall look of a piece.

Dichroic/Dichromatic Glass

Glass with two colors; similar to Iridescent.

Die-cast metal

Metal form created by forcing molten metal into a mold under high pressure. Most appropriate for non-ferrous (or iron-free) metals and metal alloys, such as aluminum, copper, zinc, lead or tin. Depending on the amount of pressure used, this technique is suitable for reproducing intricate details.


Any shade, lens, disc or other structure that surrounds a light bulb and diffuses its direct light into a softer, more generalized wash of light.

Dimming (Continuous)

Unlike Dimming (Stepped), Dimming (Continuous) provides smooth changes in brightness without visually noticeable changes. These fixtures often dim from 100% to 10% or less and then turn off.

Dimming (Stepped)

When using a lighting fixture with a dimming feature, Dimming (Stepped) refers to visually noticeable changes of brightness, usually including High, Low and Off.

Display Light

Similar to picture lights, display lights mount above hanging pictures, paintings or other items of importance that benefit from spotlighting. Some display lights actually attach to a picture or art frame and don't require wall mounting.


A rigid extension often used in the suspension and height adjustment of pendant lighting, ceiling fans and other suspended fixtures; installed between the fixture and a corresponding canopy. Available in varying diameters, lengths and finishes as needed.

Driver (LED)

An LED driver protects LEDs by stabilizing the amount of incoming electrical voltage and current and ensuring the maximum voltage rating is not exceeded.

An indoor location that doesn't get regular moisture accumulation. Dry locations include kitchens, living/dining rooms, bedrooms and most bathrooms.

Dupioni Silk

Silk woven out of two or more color threads, giving it a multi-faceted, shimmering appearance. Thread thicknesses may also vary, creating unique texture in the finished fabric.