Giovanni Alessi Anghini

The Giovanni Alessi Anghini Story

Born in Milan in 1981, Giovanni Alessi Anghini studied in Italy and Switzerland, focusing on cultural sociology and anthropology. In 2002, Anghini returned to Milan to translate his studies into industrial modern design. He started his own firm, the GAA Design Farm, in 2006, collaborating with other designers and sharing in their growth processes. His design, the POP-UP, is on permanent display in the Chicago Athenaeum s Museum of Architecture and Design.

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Why We Love Giovanni Alessi Anghini

Giovanni Alessi Anghini designs with youthful, positive naivete and hopeful vision, unaware of limits. His home accessories reflect an understanding of human culture and behavior, drawing on his studies. As a designer for Alessi, Giovanni creates products that are innovative, internationally useful and intentionally provocative. There's always more to his designs than what first meets the eye, open to being interpreted differently and growing in meaning the more they're used.

Noteworthy Products From Giovanni Alessi Anghini

The POP-UP Bottle Opener for Alessi Design is a mystery, only fully accepted (though perhaps not fully understood) when it is used.

Fun Facts About Giovanni Alessi Anghini

The MooM Bowl for Alessi is a study on adult dining behavior and ritual, reflecting on how the ritual has morphed from a sit-down meal to a nomadic lifestyle.

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Giovanni Alessi Anghini