Gandia Blasco

The Gandia Blasco Story

While Gandia Blasco may be known today for its fine contemporary outdoor furniture and accessories, it didn't start out that way. Gandia Blasco was originally founded in 1941 to make blankets, and then area rugs in the '80s. In 2000, they surprised many with their first collection of outdoor furniture; it was a success that made outdoor furnishings Gandia Blasco's main focus (leaving indoor designs to another brand, Gan Rugs). Since then, collaborations with young and up-coming designers have resulted in designs that are modern, fresh and fun in outdoor spaces.

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Why We Love Gandia Blasco Furniture

Gandia Blasco is a long-lived company that not only accepts change, but embraces it. It's a fact that shows in the quality and creativity of Gandia Blasco outdoor furniture, planters and other furnishings (not to mention the company's changing product focus over the years). Their headquarters, Casa Gandia Blasco, is a literally concrete representation of their beginnings and look toward the future. It is the same building where Gandia Blasco started near Valencia, Spain. But, like the company, it has evolved--inside and out--to embody Gandia Blasco's resolve to focus on good, inspiring design.

Fun Facts About Gandia Blasco

The first outdoor furniture line produced by Gandia Blasco came about when owner Jose A. Gandia-Blasco needed to find furnishings that would coordinate well with the contemporary exteriors of his new home, Ca Na Xemena, in Ibiza. Without a lot of funds for development, the first pass at those designs included using aluminum window frames. For plush poufs and rugs, be sure to see the Gan Rugs line.

Noteworthy Products from Gandia Blasco

The Textile outdoor furniture collection is fun and fashionable. In fact, it was the fashion world that directly inspired Textile's design, exemplified by exposed "seams" made out of colored rope. The 356 collection is a speedy-looking outdoor lounge set made out of roto-molded polyethylene, with sexy, aerodynamic curves inspired by those of the classic Porsche 356 sportscar.

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Gandia Blasco