Flux Furniture & Chairs

The Flux Story

Rigid furniture is for rigid thinkers. When founder Douwe Jacobs and engineer Tom Schouten first founded Flux (a mash-up of flexible + luxury) in 2009, they wanted nothing to do with rigidity. Jacobs had a thing for folded paper structures (hey, some folks collect string) and created a model for the Flux Chair. Like plastic origami, the Flux folds out to become a sturdy chair for the weary bottom.

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The goal is to create an entire line of modern furniture with this same flexibility in mind.

Why We Love Flux Chairs

What other company do you know of that can fit 119 of its chairs into a Mini Countryman? Flux practically eliminates carbon emissions when it comes to delivering their products, and that's something to admire. These guys have a great work ethic, too. When first starting up, they entered their design into every contest, followed every financial lead and proved they were willing to put in the work that it took to get the job done. Boasting youth, focus and timely ideas, who knows what these outliers will accomplish?

Fun Facts About Flux

Flux received the Grand Designs Product Award just two years after first introducing their chair to the market. And while the chair mold is made in China, it's shipped to the Netherlands so every piece they make is produced in their home country.

Noteworthy Products From Flux

Flux is all about the Flux Chair, their first design and the model after which the rest of their products are fashioned. The classic Flux chair is also available in a kids' version, the Flux Junior.

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