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576 Results
  • Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp
    Shade Color
    3 Size Options
    $1,36000 - $1,88000
  • Z-Bar Gen 3 Floor Lamp
  • IC Floor Lamp
    2 Size Options
    $1,15500 - $1,72500
  • AJ Floor Lamp
    $1,43000 - $1,68000
  • Dessau LED Floor Lamp
    2 Size Options
    $69000 - $96800
    Free Gift with Code TECH
  • Leaf LED Floor Lamp
  • Post LED Floor Lamp
  • Colby LED Floor Lamp
  • Luna Bella Arc Floor Lamp
  • Felix LED Floor Lamp
  • Mia Floor Lamp
  • Lady 7 LED Floor Lamp
  • Gravity LED Floor Lamp
  • Olo LED Floor Lamp
    $44800 $560.00
    20% Savings Today
  • Ilios Floor Lamp
  • Excel Floor Lamp
  • Type 75 Giant Floor Lamp
  • ANI 3-in-1 Rechargeable Floor Lamp
  • Kabuki LED Floor Lamp
  • Crane LED Floor Lamp
  • Mosso Pro LED Floor Lamp
  • Reeds Single LED Floor Lamp
    Free Gift with Code KUZCO
  • Keel LED Floor Lamp
  • Tolomeo Reading Floor Lamp with 9 In. Base
    $62000 - $78000

Create a Well-Designed Space with a Black Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are essential for providing an extra light source in modern residential and commercial spaces. Aside from their portability, floor lamps serve as functional yet decorative lighting that can enhance the existing furniture and décor in a room. Offer the most versatility thanks to their neutral color that coordinates with almost anything, black floor lamps can add depth and interest that instantly transform a space dramatically.

Where to Use a Black Floor Lamp

Since floor and are easy to move from room to room, black floor lamps will likely complement any setting that you have in mind. Particularly well suited to living rooms, black floor lamps come in a variety of sizes and styles. Deciding where to use a black floor lamp will largely depend on the existing furniture, fixtures, and decorative accessories in the space.

When it comes to deciding where you will use your floor lamp, there are a few things to think about. The square footage and ceiling height of the intended installation space should be taken into account when deciding where to place a new floor lamp. Noting the size of the space will help when shopping for floor lamps because you do not want to purchase a black floor lamp that is so large that it overtakes the space. Alternatively, avoid buying a lamp that is too small for your space, as it will be easily overtaken by the space.

Top-selling black floor lamps offer the variety needed to create a well-designed space and the model you ultimately choose will be mostly based on the dominating décor style of the room. For minimalist spaces, consider a strategically placed behind a sofa or in a corner of the room that could use more like. Bestselling arc floor lamps feature steel construction, brass or chrome finish options, and drum-style shades in neutrals like black and white as well as brighter options like red and blue.

Lamps are always a great addition to both residential and commercial office spaces and are easy to bring into these spaces. Choose from popular desk lamps that feature adjustable arms, rotating shades, integrated dimmer switches, and energy-efficient LED bulbs and modules. Some bestsellers in this category even feature optional accessories that allow the lamp to be wall-mounted, adjustable bases, and table mounts for added versatility.

For minimalist or ultramodern spaces, neutrals steal the show and contribute to the clean, modern appeal of these interiors. Popular white floor and table lamps are characterized by angular profiles, lustrous metallic finishes, and a streamlined form that make them easy to move from room to room or fit into tight spaces.

Other Things to Know About Black Floor Lamps

Aside from aesthetic appeal and overall size, there is more to know about black floor lamps. Knowing about the various options will help you make an informed decision and will allow you to create a space that looks well-thought-out. Many of today's most popular black table and floor lamps include high tech features like Bluetooth speakers, USB charging ports, and 360-degree rotating shades that allow you to focus light where you need it most.

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