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The fferrone design Story

Felicia Ferrone, the American architect and designer, developed her proclivity for simple design during her years in Milan working with several of Italy’s prominent design artisans. Back home in Chicago she started her own brand, fferrone design, where Felicia brings her interpretation of European minimalist nuance into the home space.

Drawing from appreciation of modern architectural esthetics, fferrone meticulously constructs handcrafted glassware and home furnishings that engage in symmetry and proportion with their surroundings.

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Why We Love fferrone design

The driving philosophy behind fferrone is holistic design. The pieces are fashioned with consideration of what will be their eventual surrounding environment. This seamless approach to design simplifies integrating fferrone’s products into your home. The pieces from the separate fferrone collections look fabulous when together, but also effortlessly harmonize with different styles from other designers. The tone is pleasingly subtle, with a hint of whimsy – providing ample space for your own personal interpretation.

Fun Facts About fferrone design

The company’s designer and namesake, Felicia Ferrone, is an award-winning scholar and professor. Currently at the University of Illinois Chicago, she spent much of her academic career teaching design at the renowned School of the Art Institute of Chicago. A stalwart of American design, she is growing her global prominence in a field often dominated by European influencers.

Noteworthy Products from fferrone design

The Revolution Collection by fferrone is glassware that impresses with its progressive simplicity. This collection includes distinctive glass kitchenware such as bowls, champagne flutes, and martini glasses. The bottoms of the vessels are elevated above the table so that the liquid appears suspended in mid-air. This subtle suggestion of whimsy will bring a contemporary verve to your next dinner party.

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Fferrone Design