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Photon Chandelier by LBL Lighting

Photon Chandelier by LBL Lighting

The Latest in Lighting Design from
Lightovation 2017

Cages, fandeliers and LEDs, oh my! We’re recapping our favorite new looks,
trends and technology from this year’s biggest lighting trade show.

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One of the largest trade shows in the lighting industry, Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show always delivers on new and exciting product lines centered on innovation and quality design. From decorative to architectural and everything in between, here’s a sneak peak of the latest in lighting design we can look forward to seeing this year.

Each year, hundreds of brands and manufacturers gather in Dallas, Texas, to present the latest in decorative and architectural lighting. We here in the industry call it going "to market," but to be more specific, it’s one of the largest domestic trade shows: Lightovation.

This market is not only impressive for its sheer size (the main building is 15 stories high to accommodate the large number of vendors), Lightovation has become a metric for everything from interior design trends to lighting technology. Here’s what we’re expecting to see more of this year.


Caged lighting designs really ran the gamut in terms of style this year. From industrial to new traditional, cages were and are still prevalent in lighting because they help define a fixture without obscuring its light source. These two show the spectrum of the caged looks presented at Lightovation, and also show how this type of design can accommodate both LED and incandescent fixtures.

Moveable Fixtures

Regardless of the category, style or light source, one theme dominated the showrooms at market this year: movement. Wall sconces, chandeliers and pendants all seemed to encourage hands-on customization so that the fixtures could change shape before your eyes.

Decorative Recessed Lighting

Architectural lighting has historically been more about function than form, but this year’s new releases are taking a page from decorative fixtures. Recessed lighting is looking to physical architectural details, adding a stunning new visual element to functional lighting. These LED trims from Element have a Romanesque dome feel to them, and instantly achieve function and beauty the moment they are turned on.

Fandeliers – 2 Ways


Is it a light looking like a chandelier or the other way around? If you put the two together, you get what we call a “fandelier” and that was something frequently seen at market. The trend manifested in both nostalgic and modern styles—the light-only fixtures channeled antique fans, while the fans (like this design by Craftmade Fans below) had a futuristic feel with a clean light ring surrounding the blades.


Outdoor: Totally Contemporary and All LED

WAC Outdoor Lights

WAC Outdoor Lights

It’s a well-known fact that LED is here to stay. When it comes to outdoor lighting, structural landscape designs seem to have embraced LED as a permanent shift in technology. This use of LED means that outdoor and landscape lighting can be more contemporary than ever, with unique shapes and silhouettes not possible with previous lamping types.

Eurofase outdoor bollards and pathlights.

Eurofase outdoor bollards and pathlights.

Between caged silhouettes, dynamic structures and all-out LED product lines, Lightovation did not disappoint with the latest and greatest in lighting trends this year. The biggest thing we took away was the refinement of structural elements as LED technology becomes more and more sophisticated. This has allowed more creative decorative details to appear in the most unexpected places, and has us excited to see what other lighting designs will debut in 2017.