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New Year Design Resolutions

New Year Design Resolutions

Some of our favorite design experts share their design goals that you
can emulate to make this year your home’s best yet.

After the champagne’s popped and the ball has dropped, many of us look at the blank canvas of the new year with improvements in mind. New Year’s resolutions can take many forms, but after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it’s a great time to get your home back in shape. We tapped some experts for their annual design resolutions—whether at work or at home, we think these ideas are definitely doable for the year ahead.

Fearless Color

“For the new year, we'll continue on our mission to spread the word that bold color choices will forever reign supreme! This teal laundry room is living proof that fun can be had in a laundry room with a dramatic cabinet color. And since black will also continue to a bold trend, we love the statement made in this guest bathroom we designed with black pendant lighting.”

-Nicole White, CEO/Principal Designer

Nicole White Designs Interiors

Personal Bests

“On more of a company belief that I strive for each year: To continue to create unique designs and material combinations on every custom project we work on. In 16 years, I've never designed or built the same home twice, and with every single project, I've drawn the floor plans, contracted the build out and finished all of the interior design work. My team enjoys the challenges, and it keeps us refining our style every year and pushing our creativity to new levels.

“For a personal resolution, I just happen to be finalizing my family’s personal home for the ‘5-ersons’ (my wife and I and our 3 kiddos), and I'm pushing the boundaries of industrial modern and timeless classic styles on the interior finishes. My resolution is to use natural, long-lasting materials like reclaimed white oak, rustic hickory, blackened steel and clean lined fixtures with comfortable, modern furnishings and to fill the walls with pops of color from photos I've taken and artwork by my kids.”

-Jordan Iverson, Owner + Designer

Iverson Signature Homes

Simplify, Simplify

“I would love to turn my 8-year-old daughter into more of a minimalist. Ha. My home is craft central, and between all the drawings, pottery and LEGO building in various stages of progression, things can get a bit overwhelming. I am generally good at parting with items I do not use or love and, as I get older, avoiding them altogether. I am hoping to instill some of that in her, too. It is fun to have stuff to play with, but you also need room to think and be.”

-Leonora Mahle

Leonora Mahle Interior Design

Bold Strokes

Photo by Jenny Norris

Photo by Jenny Norris.

“My design resolution is to take more risks. I plan to push myself to continue to think out of the box and to be bolder with interior selections. This may be with lighting, fabrics, furniture, wall coverings or paint color, but in each project, I would love to have a WOW factor.”

-Lauren Rasken

Lauren A Balkan Designs

Treat Yourself

Luna Grey

“My design resolution is to treat myself to a proper makeup vanity. I've leaned over the bathroom sink for too long!”

-Luna Grey

Luna Grey Interiors

Our experts’ resolutions are by no means a comprehensive list of ideas to take your home into the new year—the future is wide open. As with any home project, a foundation in the basics of lighting and furniture is key. Our guides cover all the basics (and much more) to help you make this your best year yet.