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Flush Mount Lighting Ideas

Plura Flushmount by Cerno


Flushmount Lighting, 3 Ways


If you think you’re stuck with that snoozer of an overhead light that came with the house, think again.
Here are 3 ideas for making a simple swap of a flushmount light for something that better suits your
space and style.

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Too often, are the ugliest or most boring fixtures in the house. The close-to-ceiling fixtures are standard choices for ambient overhead lighting in new and older homes alike, with builder-grade fixtures hanging glumly in the center of the ceiling. Frosted glass in a half-dome or open square shape, held together with a boring finial in the metal finish you dislike the most…this is no way to live.

Here’s a tip to set you (and your space) free: Flushmount lights are incredibly easy to change.

There are so many choices out there for upping your ceiling ante with a chic flushmount light—running the gamut from simple to statement-making—that you need not live with boring overhead lights any longer. Here, we’ve got three bright ideas for upgrading one of the most overlooked and underappreciated lights in your home.

1. Sleek and Spare

Bespin Flushmount by Tech Lighting

The is a modern update to an overhead light, with an unobtrusive silhouette that complements a room’s design.

Clean, streamlined fixtures are almost universally appropriate. In a retrofit or traditional space, they can ensure your focus stays on other elements of your design, or stand out as a complementary shape in a more modern scheme. Squares, rectangles and circles are go-to basics, but more involved outlines are equally strong choices when the materials are simple. Smooth metal finishes that are free from fussy adornments and smooth, uninterrupted expanses of pressed or blown glass are easy on the eyes in even ultra-contemporary spaces. Even seemingly straightforward designs might have light color temperature options, dimming capabilities and other extras that go beyond basic.

2. Daring and Dramatic

Hope Flushmount by Luceplan

Luceplan’s Hope Flushmount is a stunning design that (like its namesake, the Hope Diamond), is a showstopping statement piece, proof that wow-worthy looks aren’t just reserved for chandeliers.

Some design schemes just won’t suffer a wallflower. You can achieve impressive results with flushmounts that command attention. And there’s more than one way to shine, from sparkling pieces that drip with crystal and chrome to extra-large installations that prove size sometimes does matter.

Luxurious designs can become centerpieces without sacrificing overhead space, though oversized fixtures do just as well on a high ceiling. Scale is everything here: You’d struggle to see a tiny flushmount on a 20-foot ceiling, and some designs will be overwhelming in a room with low ceilings. The interplay of light and shadow is also a consideration with bolder fixtures, where unusual silhouettes and prismatic materials create theatrical effects.

3. Sense of Style

IC Wall/Ceiling Light by FLOS

If you’re working with a particular design style (like mid-century modern), there’s a flushmount light that will fit right in, like the shown here.

If you’re working with a particular design style, there’s a flushmount for that—from transitional to mid-century modern and everything in between. Don’t settle for simple if your retro-chic space is calling for swank; you can find a space-age silhouette, graphic pattern or other element that truly fits in with a room’s design. Restoration-style décor can be enhanced with vintage-esque overhead fixtures, or make it ultra-modern with gritty industrial elements like welded metal and exposed bulbs. Even transitional spaces benefit from an upgraded flushmount: Coordinate metal finishes or colors for a cohesive, pulled-together look. Or, choose a subtly sparkly accent piece—it might not be the center of attention, but it adds interest as part of the overall décor.