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Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas

5 Easy Ways to Take Your
Outdoor Space from Summer to Fall


Fall is a fantastic time go alfresco, and updating your outdoor entertaining space for the new season might be easier than you think. These simple ideas will help you enjoy the great outdoors as warm twilights set in and the leaves begin to turn.

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Summer has waned, at least according to the calendar. But as forward-thinking design mavericks, we are firmly in favor of wearing white after Labor Day—and bringing the party outside after the traditional outdoor party season is done.

Fall is a fantastic time go alfresco. A whole late-summer season left of garden can be enjoyed as the leaves turn. There are still weeks of warm, lingering twilight; those long, lazy evenings are great for entertaining and take on new vigor as the first chill sets in. Though the temperatures can fluctuate and the weather become less predictable, updating your outdoor entertaining space for fall might be simpler than you think. Here are a few ideas to help you transition:

1. Bring the Indoors Out

Vessel LED Indoor/Outdoor Lamp by Smart and Green

Sunset comes earlier and earlier this time of year, so there's no better time to think about outdoor lighting. An indoor-outdoor light like this portable by is easy to carry wherever the party goes, and its versatility is magnified with color-changing LEDs: You can add instant atmosphere with the flickering candle setting or even choose from RGB color spectrum to enliven the evening.

2. Cushion Your Fall

Trefle Outdoor Cushion by Fermob

Give your patio furniture a facelift without lifting a finger—just throw a pillow on it. Decorative throw pillows are so simple to swap for a seasonal change, or anytime it strikes your fancy. These cushions by Fermob resist fading, staining and even water, so there's no reason not to get comfy. And they come in cheerful, autumnal colors that are right on trend for fall.

3. Cozy Up

Haverdal Throw by Martin dos Santos for Skargaarden

If the wind starts nipping, wrapping up in something warm can do the trick—and it's one of the easiest updates you can choose for fall. Some textiles are made to live outdoors, while others can withstand outdoor use but need to come back inside when you do. The ultra-luxe Skaargarden's Haverdal Throw is thick and cuddly, but it retains an element of autumnal sophistication with its woolen construction and leather trim.

4. Light a Fire

Vision Fireplace by Eco-Feu

Let's face it, the fastest way to fall-ify your summer space is with fire. It was good enough for the cavemen, after all—but they didn't have indoor-outdoor stainless steel fireplaces fueled with bioethanol to toast their s'mores over. Outdoor fireplaces like the range from Eco-Feu are sleek and efficient, and add warmth to your outdoor area in more ways than one.

5. Feast on the Season

Coco Dining Chairs and Machar Dining Table by Oasiq

and by

Autumn was once all about gathering friends and family from near and far to enjoy the bounty of the harvest before the cold winter sets in. We say it still should be, and dining outdoors can be enjoyed well after the kids go back to school. From Oktoberfest parties to Thanksgiving (depending on your climate), take your plates outside and eke out every last moment of outdoor fun the weather will allow.