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Fan Buyer's Guide

Fan Buyer's Guide - Why Do I Need An Outdoor Fan?

Inspiration, What to Consider & Fan FAQs: A Few Quick Tips On Why You May Need An Outdoor Fan

Why Do I Need An Outdoor Fan?

When you’re out in the open air, what good is a fan? can work wonders in a patio, gazebo or deck for moving stagnant, hot summer air, just as you would indoors. And the styles of fans offered for outdoor spaces carry unique, eye-catching personality too.

What is the Difference Between Damp, Dry & Wet-Rated Fans?

Note that outdoor and patio ceiling fans come with a rating that indicates if it can safely be used in exterior areas. This rating, known as its , is used to define how much water the fan can be exposed to.

Dry Rated Ceiling Fans

Not meant for outside. Being exposed to moisture and outdoor elements will destroy these fans quickly, particularly the blades. This type of ceiling fan is meant for indoor use only.

Damp Rated Ceiling Fans

Okay for covered outdoor areas (also referred to as damp location fans). can handle the moisture that comes with outdoor air, but cannot have direct contact with water, rain, snow or other liquids that a life outdoors could bring. Damp-rated fans also use materials that prevent rust and corrosion from outdoor elements.

Wet Rated Ceiling Fans

Weather resistant and okay for all-weather outdoor applications. Convenient, right? The motor casing and blades of are water and weather resistant to protect from snow, ice, rain and even water from a hose used to clean them. The finishes used in wet-rated fans also help prevent corrosion and rust.

By understanding ceiling fan ratings and knowing what to keep an eye out for, you'll be better able to choose the best outdoor fan for your patio, porch, gazebo or covered deck. If you have any questions about outdoor fans and UL listings, please call our ceiling fan experts at 877.445.4486.