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Fan Buyer's Guide

Fan Buyer's Guide - Ceiling Fan Light Kits

Inspiration, What to Consider & Fan FAQs: A Few Quick Tips On When To Buy A Ceiling Fan Light Kit

When to Buy a Ceiling Fan Light Kit
(or a Ceiling Fan with an Integrated Light)

Many fans, of course, come with an integrated uplight or downlight, while others don't have any lights. And still others come with a light and a cap that can be placed over the light. And many ceiling fans are compatible with several optional ceiling fan light kits, often offered in several styles--bowls, downlights and uplights.

Given all of these ceiling fan light choices, how are you to decide what you need?

First, think about whether you need a --or not. If you're not sure, start by determining how much light is already in the room. Is it a relatively open space with lots of windows or do your sliding glass doors allow in natural sunlight? Look around the room--how many lamps are already in place? Do they provide adequate lighting, or are several floor and table lamps required to really light the space well? Is this space already filled with natural light too? These are important considerations to think of when deciding if your fan needs a light kit.

If you wish to have more control over the amount of light in a room without worrying about turning on five individual lamps, a ceiling fan with a light or a light kit may be the best option. Ceiling fan light kits provide ample, even light that's beneficial to all types of spaces, whether large or small, casual or formal. And many light kits are compatible with a wall dimmer or remote, so adjusting the light intensity is as easy as pressing a button. Keep in mind that the remote's receiver needs to be installed in the fan for the remote to actually work.

Consider pairing ENERGY STAR fans with ENERGY STAR light kits too. These provide a great way to save a little money when it comes to energy consumption. For example, ceiling fan/light combination units that have earned the ENERGY STAR rating are about 50% more efficient than conventional fan/light units that don't have this rating. This can help you save on utility bills. And these kits are efficient and long lasting, so you won't have to worry about making frequent bulb changes. Most modern fans also offer the option of having a superbly energy efficient LED light source.

You can also use energy efficient fluorescent bulbs in many lighted ceiling fans. They are a great, long-lasting choice. If being able to dim your fan lights is important to you, though, stick with standard incandescent bulbs, as they have full-range dimming capabilities.