Droog Design

The Droog Story

Renny Ramakers and Gijs Bakker co-founded Droog in the early '90s, and Ramakers still directs the project in Amsterdam. Trained as an art historian, Ramakers specialized in design and in stretching the borders of "design thinking". Droog was an extension of that specialization and was created as a way to comment on society.

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After receiving recognition in Milan, Droog design took off as a conceptual project that created a story with their products and thus shared a different view of the world.

Why We Love Droog Design

Droog design is host to a plethora of unique, conceptual pieces that almost serve as think pieces above and beyond their functional purposes. The Droog Lab is a think tank where designers take a new approach to trends and reflect on them from a new perspective, resulting in quirky modern lighting and sustainable, abstract yet relatable modern accessories. They're one of a kind, expressions of each designer's point of view and creative output.

Fun Facts About Droog

"Saved by Droog" is an element of Droog design that buys up stock and transforms it into something completely new with a distinct voice and purpose. It's more than sustainable design; it's a "reflection of the designer's creativity." - Renny Ramakers

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