The Domitalia Story

When Italian furniture designer and manufacturer Domitalia was established in 2007, it was as the culmination of a 40+ year evolutionary design process. The company actually began in 1973 as ID Export, the Italian subsidiary of Schieder Mobil Holding Group. The initial focus on creating furniture for the German market soon expanded to other European countries, resulting in a name change to IMS Italia in 1989.

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After nearly 20 more years, Domitalia finally emerged out of the desire to focus on contemporary furniture that is designed and made 100% in Italy.

Why We Love Domitalia Furniture

Domitalia is dedicated to bringing the craft of modern Italian furniture design to the world, and revealing its livability in any number of indoor or outdoor settings. Inherent to their model of Italian design is combining original forms with innovative materials and manufacturing techniques. As such, the overall Domitalia furniture collection is dominated by clean yet pleasingly sensual--and comfortable--forms made out of fluid molded plastics, large expanses of glass and sculptural bent and carved wood.

A Fun Fact About Domitalia

A recent renovation has brought Domitalia's headquarters (in San Giovanni al Natisone) and warehouse facilities (in Manzano and Leproso) up to an impressive 31,000 square meters, or 333,681 square feet.

Noteworthy Products From Domitalia

The collection of Gel chairs exemplifies Domitalia's focus on using innovative materials and manufacturing techniques. The common design element throughout the collection is the seat: A single wavy bend of molded styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) plastic. And the popular Bouchon stools, designed by Orlandini & Radice, evoke champagne bottle corks and cages with their oversized cork seats and steel wire bases.

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