Curio Design

The Curio Design Story

Based out of San Francisco since 2014, Curio Design is a small studio that specializes in LED technology in order to improve the task lighting for homes and offices. They have stripped down lighting to its minimal components and materials, creating a range of interactive lighting designs that are simple in appearance but high-powered in function.

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The company was co-founded by Naty Moskovich, who, much like the other founders, brings a unique background of industrial design and engineering to the table. Together with experts in LED, Bluetooth and optic technology, Curio Design’s task lamps are ergonomic, intuitive, and efficient in lighting interior spaces.

Why We Love Curio Design Lighting

Curio Design truly embodies the fast-pace tech culture we live in. Nothing in their product range is reminiscent of traditional lighting (i.e. shaded table lamps), so there’s a real forward-thinking energy about their task lamp designs. Their products are also evolving as fast as LED technology is, and have adapted to how people want to use and control light. For instance, all of their products sync with a Curio Remote phone app that dims the light from 0-100%.

Fun Facts About Curio Design

A prominent feature of their product range is the “light pipe”, which is actually a redesigned version of the moving light carriage found in copy machines and scanners in offices around the world.

Noteworthy Lighting from Curio Design

The Curio Design Structo LED Table Lamp is simple, but powerful. Composed of a Beech wood stem, two metal base arms and an adjustable light bar, the Structo sends a crisp line of light with 90% down and 10% indirect up task light. Easily assembled, the plastic and aluminum elements prop the Beech wood stem up at a slight angle, and from there the light bar can be rotated to preference. The soft touch switch fits in to the stem, and turns the light on and off at the last dimmed setting—the Structo is only dimmable through the Curio Remote app, which is a free download on Smartphones that syncs to the fixture.

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Curio Design